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COVID Procedure

 Swim Ohana‚Äč - August 24, 2020

When local guidelines change our procedure and this page will be updated.

UPDATE October 7, 2020 - 2020-21 Registration Opens 8/17/20 - Check Your Email

Almost everything stays the same on procedure and policy with new times for practice being the main change.  Please review the following for any additional questions you may have.

Lane Assignments Will Be Communicated To Athletes With Their Lead Coach

Memorial Northwest is remaining open to  their pool to HOA membership for throughout the year.  We are so grateful to be able to continue to use the pool all day.  This will be in a limited fashion – using only 6 of the competition lanes.  Our policies and procedures are changing to improve the experience for athletes while also limiting potential contact with residents.

  • Parking Is Staying To Lot Near Theiss Elementary
  • Ohana Entrance/Exit Is Moving To Private Gate Near Theiss Elementary

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters!  We would not be here without each and every one of you!  We cannot wait to get back to doing what we do best – coaching kids at the pool and knowing all of our families in a personal manner! Look for priority Registration for our current membership.

There are many models to follow at this point that do meet federal and local guidelines.  The global swimming world has been working on workable models for weeks now.  As we move into our own Phase 2, each practice group will be distancing in a format specific to maturity level (Pink 2/lane, Blue 2/lane, Pre Junior 2/lane, and and all Junior and above will be 4/lane).  In cases of siblings, carpools, and school/social groups they will share a lane if in same practice group.  Families practicing more social distancing will be honored at the pool.  Health and safety is our top concern.  We do expect some bumps in this road and welcome any and all feedback from all of you.


  • Any athlete, parent or family member who chooses non-compliance with any policy or procedure will be asked to leave immediately and potentially be removed from practice group temporarily or entirely.

Before Practice @ Home Or In Car

  • All parents must check their children’s temperature.  If any fever or symptom of illness please stay home. ****If any athlete has fever or any symptoms of illness may not attend practice for 72 hours from end of fever or symptom if fever and symptom free without medication(s).  If athlete visits a doctor and is instructed to self isolate must notify Swim Ohana immediately and no practice for 14 days.
  • Fill water bottle
  • Use the bathroom
  • Sanitize hands
  • Cap on if cannot put cap on without assistance
  • Athletes DO need to wear a mask to or from practice



  • No parents will be allowed on the pool deck.  Only designated athletes and staff will be on deck at all times.  Please remain in your vehicles when dropping off and picking up.


  • Bathroom use will be discouraged unless.  In the case of use athlete expected to self sanitize afterwards.  Staff will sanitize the facilities for younger athletes. 


  • No athlete will be permitted to use, touch, play, etc, with deck furniture or play area in pool.

Late Arrival/Early Departue

  • No one will be turned away but we are asking that all be 5-10 minutes early to ensure a smooth transition for as many athletes as possible.  

Between Practice

  • Every practice session will have 5:00 minute period of time for swimmers to exit and next group to enter separately and 6’ apart. Choose any tape marking near gate (do not worry about lane assignment).

Arrival @ Pool

  • All athletes can wear normal clothes to practice and bring their dry backpack in addition to their wetbag.  We do ask that items brought to practice are required items (clean out those backpacks).  Don’t forget your water, too.
  • Waiting Area Is On Sidewalk Nearest Theiss Elementary.  Area closest to street will be the waiting area and area closest to tennis courts will be the pickup area. Athletes will wait in designated area on sidewalks with 6’ spacing outside of gate AFTER the previous practice group has exited.  Spots will be marked with same “Clubhouse – Lane #”, “Pool – Lane #), or “Tennis – Lane #” assignment. 
  • 5 Minutes before practice begins athletes will enter through gate.  A masked coach will be holding gate and asking health and travel questions.  If athletes are displaying or speak of any symptoms they will be asked to leave.  Fever?  Sore throat?  Chills?  Dizzy? Shortness of breath? Headache?  Loss of taste or smell? Diarrhea?  Vomiting?
  • Athletes will walk to their lane assignment with an area for their dry equipment and go straight to the pool to enter in 6’ apart manner.
  • Athletes must wear mask at all times when not in pool.


  • Coach will not be masked during practice when kids are in water (staff masked during transition times between groups)
  • Athletes are not to share or borrow equipment (put a spare pair of goggles in their bags please) 

After Practice

  • Athletes will quickly exit the water, grab belongings, and proceed to exit.  They will exit the pool deck in the same 6’ socially distanced pattern as entering.
  • Parents need to be in lot at end of practice.


  • All common areas will be disinfected regulary and hand sanitizer available to athletes at all times


  • Any athlete who feels ill in any way must stay home for the day.  If athlete has siblings on the team and/or participates in a carpool, those athletes will also need to stay home for the day. 
  • Any athlete or family member who has been exposed to a symptomatic and/or positive COVID test must notify Swim Ohana immediately and will not be permitted to swim for 14 days or a negative PCR test is obtained and give to Swim Ohana.
  • Any athlete or family member who has tested positive must notify Swim Ohana and will not be permitted to swim until a negative PCR COVID test result is sent to Coach Liz.
  • Any state and/or local travel guidelines will be followed by Swim Ohana.
  • When appropriate all practice group members and families will be notified of direct exposure. 
  • For instance, if an Ohana athlete is positive all athletes who swim in that lane or adjacent lanes will be notified as soon as possible. A 14 day quarantine will go into effect from the last day an athlete was in contact with the positive case.  Or, to return to practice more quickly, an athlete may obtain a negative PCR test and send to Coach Liz.
  • Swim Ohana will actively work on contact occurrences at our facility.  What may or may not happen with kids at school, church, etc, is beyond our realm of influence.
  • Waivers, Required (Included in 2020-21 Registration)