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COVID Procedure


 Swim Ohana

*When local guidelines change our procedure and this page will be updated.

WHAT:  Swim Ohana COVID-19 Policy and Procedure

WHEN:  Update June 2021

WHERE:  Any/All Swim Ohana Practices, Meets, Events, Etc

WHY:  Protect Swim Ohana Athletes & Families

HOW: Following CDC & Local Guidelines



  • Symptoms - Stay home if symptoms are present.
  • Positive COVID Result - Report to Swim Ohana.  Return to practice on the 11th day after symptoms began or positive result obtained and symptom free.
  • Quarantine - Swim Ohana will not be utilizing any form of mandatory quarantine from practice for exposure at team practices, meets, events, etc.
  • Exposure - If positive case within practice group, entire group will be notified of dates concerning last practice attended, symptom start, and positive test result. *Infectious period is considered to begin 48 hours prior to symptom onset. Swim Ohana will not release the name of the athlete.
  • Siblings - If positive case any siblings must follow return to practice dates.
  • Vaccinations - Swim Ohana will not be asking about vaccination status.
  • Masking, Distancing, Etc - Swim Ohana encourages all families to follow CDC and local guidelines.