Safe Sport

SafeSport Reporting Information-

Safe Sport Best Practice- 2020

Safe Sport- Concussion- Must Read- Will be read and acknowledge at the time of each years USA Swimming Registrations.

Team Contact Information:

  • Mike Hillman- Head Coach- 801-635-9018 or Clint Burnham- Aquatics Director at [email protected]

To report a Safe Sport Concern, Contact USA Swimming @ 719-866-4578

Contact the U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report. Call 720-524-5640 or use online reporting at


USA Swimming MAAPP/Code of Conduct/Concussion Protocol/Reporting:

There are several links below regarding MAAPP, Concussion Protocol, Code of Conduct that all Parents and Swimmers will be reaquired to Read. By registering each year, you are agreeing to and will follow USA Swimming Policies. There is one link that will be required for any athlete swimmers that are?18 years or older that will?be swimming on the team.?

For more information or would like direct access to our Utah Local Swimming Chapter website, please click this link: Safety and Safe Sport Information

MAAPP and Non-USA Swimming Activities?
On April 29, 2019, USA Swimming released its Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) addressing one-on-one interactions, social media and electronic communications, travel, locker rooms and changing areas, and massages, rubdowns and athletic training modalities. All USA Swimming member clubs are required to implement MAAPP in full by June 23, 2019.?
The U.S. Center for SafeSport (?the Center?) created MAAPP as the baseline for acceptable safety standards that limit one-on-one interactions between adults and minor athletes. MAAPP is designed to facilitate healthy boundaries between adults and minor athletes in order to protect minor athletes from abuse in sport.? ?
USA Swimming initially understood that MAAPP applied to all Applicable Adults and their interactions with minor athletes, whether or not the interaction stems from USA Swimming activities.? However, based on feedback received from our coach members who serve in dual roles (including, for example, as high school and collegiate coaches), USA Swimming sought additional clarification on this point from the Center. The Center subsequently determined that MAAPP applies to Applicable Adults and their interactions with minor athletes solely in conjunction with USA Swimming activities.??
While we encourage our members to take the necessary steps to protect minor athletes from abuse in sport regardless of the organizational affiliation, the expectations set forth in MAAPP will only be enforced and audited with respect to USA Swimming activities.?


Policy- Both Parents and Swimmers- Must Read

**For Parent that will be volunteering and would like to be more involved on a team capacity. This link below will get you started.?

WVA Athletes 18 years and older- Must do

Athlete Protection Training Requirement for Adult Athletes with Cognitive Disabilities

Code of Conduct- This is for Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches- Must Read- Will be read and acknowledge at the time of each years USA Swimming Registrations.