Return to Swimming!

UASC Return to Swimming!

Throughout the recent pandemic, UASC, its board, and its coaches have striven to stay knowledgeable and as proactive as possible with its response and the club’s return to the pool.   We have reviewed guidelines provided by USA Swimming and the management of our facilities, as well as requirements and recommendations from the State of Ohio on the reopening of pools, to put in place a plan for our return to practice.

That being said, although we will be taking preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we cannot guarantee the health and safety of our members.  Returning to practice should, and must be, YOUR choice and what is in the best interest of YOUR family.  No practice group spots will be lost, no meets will be missed, and no coach will take concern should your family choose not to participate this summer.

Attached is information about our plans and preventative measures for the summer and required forms that must be completed before returning to the pool.   Please review all of the information as you decide whether to participate in optional summer swimming.  You should also review this information with your athletes, as your athletes will be the ones required to follow procedures during practice:



We are excited to return to the pool and see you all (from a safe distance).  GO BEARS!