Dear Parents and Piranhas:


We have met with the City officials this morning to further discuss the opening of the pools (Aquatic Center and Houston Sworn a/k/a Mitchell Moore) for the Pompano Piranhas Swim Team.  Without going in to too many details regarding the problems, issues and latest unforeseen developments, the bottom line is this:  The earliest the Aquatic Center will be open is JUNE 15th. 


The Houston Sworn Pool will not be available during the entire month of June as it is currently being used as a Covid-19 Test-Site Center.


Please note that the June 15th date is merely a target date.  This is under the assumption that Mother Nature takes pity on us regarding the rain, and will continue to allow construction to finish under good weather.


Notwithstanding this little hiccup, the Piranhas will STILL be able to officially start its practice sessions starting June 1st as follows:  


1)  June 1st to June 13th:  The Piranhas will have its "Ocean Workouts" on Mondays through Saturdays during the mornings (with an alternative time in the afternoon, pending weather conditions).  Our Coaches will notify each of their individual age group swimmers to advise them of the days, times and locations of these ocean workout sessions.  However, please note that these sessions may be staggered in time and location in order to satisfy the safety requirements and social distancing mandated by USA Swim. 


2)  June 15th to June 30th:  Hopefully, the Aquatic Center will be open during this time for us to start practice sessions in the pool.  However, please note that City Officials require that our swim team be separate from the general public.  What this means is that no one (except coaches, Piranhas swimmers and pool lifeguards) will be allowed in the pool facility during our designated time slot.  (Parents and the general public will NOT be allowed inside the pool facility.  At. All.).  We will also continue to maintain safe, social distancing practices within the team as required by USA Swim.  


3)  Attached is our Proposed Plan which we have submitted to the City, as to how we will conduct our practice sessions in the pool .  The Plan is in compliance with those requirements by USA Swim.  As indicated therein, our practice sessions are designed to maintain social distancing between our swimmers and coaches, and with the goal to ensure the health safety of our swimmers and coaches within a public facility.


***ATTENTION*** Starting June 1st, ONLY ACTIVE MEMBERS are allowed to participate in our workout sessions (either ocean or pool workouts).  The reason for this is because our insurance with USA Swim covers only active members.  In order to ensure that only active members are allowed, our coaches will take a roll call at the beginning of each practice session to determine whether a swimmer is eligible to participate.  If they are not part of the active member list, they will not be allowed to attend any practice.  Again, this is for insurance purposes and we must strictly adhere to this requirement.  No exceptions are allowed as any infraction may jeopardize our team's status with USA Swim.


Accordingly, if you wish to have your swimmer start practice sessions with us on June 1st, please activate your account by this Friday, May 29th.  Please send an email to Lisa Bennett at [email protected] requesting to activate your account.  


This is our tentative plan for the month of June 2020, which involves swim practices in both the ocean and the pool.


We are hopeful that the month of July will open more times and days for us in the pool, as the Houston Sworn Pool will be open by then to alleviate the growing pressure not only from the general public and the Pompano Piranhas, but also from other organizations such as USA Water Polo and summer youth camps.


So, let's be thankful and grateful that we are able to move practice outside of Zoom (and outside our home) and into the ocean and eventually, the pool.


Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Stay tuned.


Go Piranhas, USA...!