Day Camp

Summer Swimming Day Camp

Summer Swimming Day Camp is not a swimming lesson, it is intended for children of essential workers that are already swimming proficient, able to swim butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. The camp will emphasize proper swimming techniques and training, starts and turns.

  • Registration and payments can be scheduled over the phone at: 925-634-7946
  • OR email us at: [email protected]

Swimming Day Camp Days:  

Camp begins Monday, July 27 th and runs Monday through Thursday, until August 6th.

Swimming Day Camp Groups/Times/Cost:

  • Novice Group: 8 and under 
    • Times: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
    • Cost: $130.00 + $15 Ins./reg.
  • Intermediate Group: 9 - 10 yrs. and older, (not faster than 30.0 seconds for the 50 yd. freestyle)
    • Times: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
    • Cost: $130.00 + $15 Ins./reg.


Swimming Day Camp Special Notes: 

There are several CCHealth requirements our camp must follow for everyone’s safety. 

  • Campers will be part of a stable group of 12 or fewer campers, there will be no changing from one group to another.
  • Campers should shower and use the bathroom at home before arriving. 
  • Bathroom usage will be only allowed in emergencies.
  • Campers should arrive and depart with their suits on. There will be no changing room or shower available. NO DECK CHANGING!
  • All registration and payments should be conducted over the phone when possible.
  • Parents must follow social distancing guidelines and must be masked while at Carson Swim School.
  • To maintain proper distancing, no more than two customers will be allowed in the Banana Cabana at a time.
  • Masks are not required for campers or their coach(es), due to the stable group.
  • We are allowing 15 minutes between camper groups. Parents must pick up their campers when the camp is over and be sure to not arrive early so the group leaving can do so without crossing paths.

"There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas," the CDC said on its website. "Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities should inactivate the virus in the water."