Facility Procedures


Please take time to read the information below, as we have a lot of important information to share with you pertaining to how we safely keep our MAKO swimmers in the water.  As changes in requirements are provided by the state, CDC, and Dept. of Health, we will adjust accordingly. We realize this is a lot of information. If you have any questions about the following, please feel free to email [email protected] or Coach Wendy at [email protected].

Please click HERE to thoroughly review our COVID-19 Team Protocol.

.GMU POLICIES AND PROCEDURES - the following is a summary of important things to remember.  Please click HERE for a detailed list of guidelines.

Starting Monday October 5th - we will be using the Mason COVID Health Check screening tool, which can be found by clicking HERE.  Please bookmark this site.

  • Click HERE to review the Mason COVID Health Check procedures.  A detailed list of instructions can be found by clicking HERE.  
  • Parents and siblings will NOT be allowed in the facilities during practice times.
  • Swimmers will enter GMU via the "swimmer's entrance" and will exit via the hospitality room.  Swimmers WILL NOT enter the Aquatic Facility through the front lobby door, so please do not drop off or pick them up at that location.
  • The fire lane located in Lot C and the reserved parking spaces in Lot C may not be used for drop off/pick up, or parking at any time.  In addition, DO NOT drop off or pick up your swimmer at the Aquatic Center.  
  • Lost and Found will be disposed of nightly, please make sure your swimmers take everything with them.
  • The locker rooms will NOT be available for use by the swimmers.
  • The family changing room off of the comp pool will be available for emergencies only.
  • Swimmers MUST have a mask on at all times. Masks with filters, gaiters, and bandanas will NOT be allowed into GMU. Please review policy here and click HERE for pictures of masks that are not permitted.
  • Swimmers must have shoes (flip flops, slides, Crocs) on AT ALL TIMES when in the facility.
  • Please click HERE to review photos that will help you and your swimmer visually navigate the process at GMU. (to be added soon)

THE ST. JAMES PROCEDURES - the following is a summary of important things to remember.  Please click HERE for a detailed list of guidelines.

  • Please click HERE to fill out the St. James Self-Health Assessment and Participation Terms & Conditions. This must be completed NO EARLIER THAN 12-hours before attending any practice and must be done before EVERY practice your swimmer is attending. When filling out this form, make sure to select “STJ Member/Guest” when it asks you what group you are with.
  • All athletes must bring a zip lock bag to the pool in their mesh bag or swim bag. They will wear their mask up until the moment they are jumping in the pool, at which point the athlete will put the mask in the zip lock bag. If the athlete needs to exit the pool at any time they will adorn their mask before walking away from their lane.
  • Please click HERE to fill out the St. James Sports Participation Waiver. This needs to be done once per season, for every swimmer you have on MAKOS.
  • Please drop off your swimmer 15 minutes prior to practice in order for these assessments to take place.​
  • Masks are required at all times when in The St. James facility.
  • Swimmer drop-off and pick-up will occur at the front desk of the facility. This is for your swimmer(s) only.
  • Parents may not enter the building at any time. This includes before, during, and after practice. The MAKO Coaches and St. James staff will escort your swimmers into and out of the facility. Any parent or guardian seen sitting in the bleachers will be asked to leave.

COUNTRY CLUB OF FAIRFAX PROCEDURESthe following is a summary of important things to remember.  Please click HERE for a detailed list of guidelines.

  • Click HERE to fill out the MAKO health screening.  This must be filled out immediately prior to EVERY practice that your athlete participates in.  In order for the health information to be accurate, DO NOT fill it out the night before!  Any swimmer that does not have this information will not be permitted to enter the facility.  Once completed, the questionnaire will email you a "completed" green check.  Please have your athlete show this to their coach prior to practice.  If your athlete does not have a personal device, you can (1) accompany them to the screening area and show the coach the approval, or (2) allow the coach to fill the form out for your swimmer.
  • Parking at the club is located in the upper lot.
  • Parents/Guardians must remain in the car during practice. The club does not allow walking around the property, so please remain in the parking lot or go off club grounds while the kids are swimming and return when practice is over.
  • All swimmers should flow into and out of the CCF pool deck by staying on the left side.  This will keep everyone properly distanced from other groups entering/exiting practice and for check-in. Swimmers must wear their masks until coaches tell them to remove for practice.  They will also need to put a mask back on immediately after practice is over.

Please review the above guidelines with your athletes and family.  Should we feel anyone is consistently not adhering to these guidelines, they or their family's participation in MAKO activities may be suspended.