The pool is located at:

Gloucester County Institute of Technology (GCIT)
1360 Tanyard Road in Sewell, NJ (08080)

When arriving at the school, drive onto the campus and proceed toward the back of the main building. You will see a building named McClean Fitness Center. Park in this area and enter through that building.  Go up the steps to your left and follow the hallway to the left.  Enter the pool hallway through the first set of glass doors on your right, walk down the hallway and through the double doors onto the pool deck.


Once you get onto the pool deck lessons mainly take place in the shallow part of the pool right in front of those doors.  When you arrive you should go to your left and sit on first set of bleachers.  Swimmers should stay here until their lesson begins.  Parents, siblings, and other observers must stay on the bleachers for the duration of the lesson.