Dryland Workouts

Dryland Workout Library:


Bigs- We would like to see you do 3 out of water workouts a week. These workouts can be pulled from the library below as well as activities you may decide to do on your own.

Disclaimer: We know that some of you have been doing workouts on your own throughout our time out of the water and we are more than okay with that, but would like to remind you to please be smart when it comes to lifting weights. Swimmers need functional muscles. They need their muscles to help them move through the water quickly and flexibly. We don’t want to put a lot of muscle mass on as it changes our flexibility as well as how we move through the water. If you ever have any questions please communicate with your coaches and we will give you guidance in regards to your independent workouts.

Middles 10-14 aged swimmers- We would like your swimmers to shoot for 2 out of water strength training session a week. Anything out of the water that is active and helps them stays strong and flexible is a positive. They can also choose from the library below.

Disclaimer: We highly recommend your swimmers stick to the body weight lifting activities of the library below.

Littles 5-10 aged swimmers- We would like to see your swimmers do at least 1 other activity each week outside of the water. For this group we are looking for things that are going to help with balance and core strength. Bike riding, hiking, jumping on the trampoline, running etc. are all great things that will help in building a well-rounded swimmer.

Disclaimer: Fell free to borrow ideas if you want from the library, but for this age we are more looking for play and movement outside the water



Full Body Workouts

Full Body #1        Full Body #5         Full Body #9

Full Body #2        Full Body #6         Full Body #10

Full Body #3        Full Body #7         Full Body #11

Full Body #4        Full Body #8         Full Body #12


Yoga Workouts

Yoga #1              Yoga #5               Yoga #9

Yoga #2              Yoga #6               Yoga #10

Yoga #3              Yoga #7               Yoga #11

Yoga #4              Yoga #8               Yoga #12 ( great illustrations for 10 and under swimmers)