2020 Physical Distance Plan

Out of Pool Rules for Keeping Physical Distance:


1. Chargers will enter and exit from the back gate or other defined entry point without going through the office.  If another team is practicing, Chargers can stay in the grassy area until the other team clears the pool.  Chargers would use a different entrance. 

2. Chargers will come in their swimsuits and only bring the necessary items including goggles, cap, towel and water bottle. 

3. Usage of the bathrooms will be discouraged and only in emergent cases.  Swimmers will not be permitted to shower at Calverton. 

4. Parents and siblings will be required to wait outside of the fence. 

5. No chairs will be provided. 

6. Swimmer belongings will be placed on the pool deck at least 6 ft away from all others’ belongings. 

7. The Head Coach will be the only person permitted within the office. 

8. Face coverings are required when entering or leaving the property, when entering the bathrooms, or when proper social distancing cannot be maintained. 


In the Pool Rules for Keeping Physical Distance:

1. No lap lane ropes will be used. 

2. Only swimmers with a patch will be permitted to join the practice team. 

3. Children will enter the pool only from the deep end side and exit at the shallow end then walk back to the deep end through the grass.

4. Coaching staff will be stationed on both ends of the pool to assist with swimmer spacing. 

5. Practices will utilize the 50M length of the pool with the possible exception of the 8U swimmers who may use the diving well. 

6. When starting at the deep end, there will be marked spots for each of the swimmers to stand to form a line with social distancing. 


Other Comments:

1. A Montgomery County Licensed Pool Operator must be present at all times, and is required to test and record the chlorine and ph levels before practice starts each day. 

2. After practice, all knobs, doors and handles in the bathrooms will be wiped down with Lysol disinfectant wipes which will be purchased by the swim team.   Since there will be no lane ropes, turn over to the next event will be extremely fast (less than 5 minute).