Fazzari's Invitationl Links & Documents for LCN Members:

LCN Heat Sheet Ads Letter  







Booster Club Non-Profit Donation Receipt:

Donation Receipt (Donation to Non-Profit Boosters)




Family Fundraising Obligation for 2018-2019:

Please remember to support LCN fundraisers as all swim families have an obligation to meet their family fundraising goal each year.  The fiscal year begins in January and ends in Sept (for fundraising purposes).  If you have 1 LCN swimmer, the fundraising obligation is $150, if you have 2 or more LCN Swimmers, the obligations is $250.  If you have questions please contact a LCN Booster Club Member (click on the Coaches link above, and scroll down to the bottom to see the Booster Club contacts.)  Fundraising is a requirement for all swimmers who participate with LCN regardless if they swim for 1 month or 12 months during the fiscal year.  Fundraising helps support the coaches traveling to meets, purchasing new equipment for the team, etc.  The link below is the current spreadsheet of swimmer/families who have meet their obligation for the year. 




Booster Club:

President: Mike Graham 


*All Board Meetings notices are e-mailed out and all Neptune swimmers and families are welcome and encouraged to attend.