Covid-19 Efforts

Find out how we are protecting your swimmers.

When your child enters the Y, they will be asked 3 questions for a brief health screening.  Please go over the questions with your child.  If your child says ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, they should not come to practice.  They must be prepared to answer ‘no’ to all the questions to be allowed in.

Drop Off Procedure:

  • Swimmer are to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their scheduled clinic time (so 2:55 for the 3:00 clinics, 4:00 for the 4:05 clinics, and 5:05 for the 5:10 clinics).
  • Swimmers will enter the building through the normal front door and will be asked several questions that all of us will be asked at any number of different places going forward. Additionally, their temperatures will be checked. Temps over 100.4 will not be allowed past the front desk. 
  • Swimmers who are demonstrating symptoms of ANY kind of illness should not come to practice. Please keep them home until symptoms have abated. 
  • Swimmers will enter the Y wearing their bathing suits (and any other clothes on top) AND a mask. There will be no changing into suits at the Y for swimmers of any age. Swimmers who wear caps and require assistance in putting them on should come to the Y wearing their caps. Neither coaches nor other swimmers will be permitted to provide assistance. Masks will be able to be removed once on deck (however, coaches will be wearing their mask for the duration of practice).
  • For our swimmers under age 12, Coach Laine will meet you in the lobby. Coach Seth will be on the pool deck to guide swimmers there. Swimmers 12+ can be dropped off at the front door and enter on their own. Parents will not be allowed to escort their children onto the swim deck -- no exceptions.
  • Parents will not be permitted to watch practice from the stands because that area will remain closed. Due to public areas in the Y being closed, it is strongly recommended that parents simply not wait for swimmers in the Y unless working out in the fitness room. For parents with swimmers under 12 years old, we do ask that you stay on Y property in case any issues arise (it will be best for you to workout or stay in your car). And please make sure that your phone number is up to date in TeamUnify.

 Entering the Pool Area:

  • All swimmers MUST shower off before entering the pool deck. After checking in at the front desk, swimmers will enter the regular locker rooms (not the family locker rooms). Swimmers may remove their masks to rinse off in the showers, but they must put their masks back on to leave the locker room to enter the pool deck.
  • NOTHING is to be left in the locker rooms. Swimmers must take all of their items with them.
  • Upon entering the swim deck, swimmers should turn to their left, walk past both big sets of bleachers, then turn right to go to our team bleachers (under the giant scoreboard that displays the swimmers' times at meets). Swimmers will drop their swim bags on designated spots by our team bleachers. It is important that swimmers stay with their gear, away from each other, until directed to move to their lanes by a coach. Coach Seth will be on deck to help guide swimmers and let them know where to go.
  • No swimmer will be able to borrow Y equipment. There will be no team-wide use of kick boards, buoys, paddles, or flippers. If your child owns their own equipment, they may bring it, but they may not leave it at the Y. Swim bags should contain 2-3 towels, goggles, water bottle, caps, clothes, and athletic shoes. Swimmers ABSOLUTELY should have a back-up pair of goggles and a backup cap (and maybe a third of each). There will be no sharing goggles or caps and while some have come to rely on the extra caps and goggles that we tend to have at practice, we will not be able to loan them nor will swimmers be allowed to borrow from other swimmers. 
  • Swimmers may not touch anything that belongs to another swimmer.
  • Swimmers may not help another swimmer put on a cap or goggles. 
  • Water bottles - swimmers will bring their own bottles, completely filled. We do have access to a water fountain for refills of water bottles only. No drinking from water fountains will be allowed & we will not have spare bottles of water or cups for anyone who forgets theirs.


In the Water:
  • Mini swimmers will be organized with four swimmers per lane - two at each end of the pool. Swimmers will stay in the corners between the wall and the lane lines and will circle swim as they normally do at practice. 
  • All other age group swimmers will be organized six swimmers per lane - two at each end of the pool and two swimmers in the middle of the lane. Swimmers will rotate positions during the sets so no swimmers spend the entire practice at the middle of the pool. Among all other changes swimmers will experience, this may be the most interesting. Swimmers normally focus on multiples of 25 meters when calculating laps. This summer they will get good at calculating based on 37.5 meter increments. This will give us many more opportunities to work on turns as well. 
Exiting the Pool Area:
  • Swimmers will be dismissed by lane to return to their swim bags. They will have approximately 3-5 minutes to dry off and throw on a pair of shorts, t-shirt, sandals, and their masks. The locker room will not be available for use. Swimmers will then exit the pool deck through the glass door that is by the Aquatics Office (behind where we have our scoring table set up for meets -- it is usually for emergency exit only). This will lead them to the lobby of the Y. Swimmers 12+ will be able to then exit the Y on their own. Swimmers under the age of 12 will meet their parents in the lobby and need to be signed out (Coach Laine will be in the lobby to assist with the sign-out process). 
  • There will be no opportunity to speak with coaches during or between practices because they will be exiting one group of swimmers, welcoming the next group of swimmers, and cleaning high touch surfaces as required by the Y. We have built 5 minutes between practices to get one group out, another group in, supervise all swimmers and clean between groups. It is not perfect, but we will evaluate the system during the course of the summer. Obviously, we are trying to maximize the amount of time swimmers can have in the water while maintaining a safe environment.


Things to Bring:

  • 2-3 towels (one towel will be reserved in case we need to leave the deck due to thunder and lightning -- this towel will be placed on the floor for dryland). Children will not be permitted to leave the pool deck after practice if they are dripping water on the floor. Please have them pack enough towels to get as dry as possible.
  • Clothes to wear after practice. To keep the dripping water to a minimum, swimmers will be asked to put clothes on top of their swimsuit before leaving the deck.
  • 2 pairs of shoes -- athletic shoes in case we need to do dryland & slides or flip flops for when leaving the pool deck. Swimmers must be wearing shoes to leave the pool deck (and they must be wearing shoes when they arrive to the Y).
  • Goggles -- multiple pairs.
  • Caps -- more than one.
  • Water bottle(s) -- filled with water before arriving.
  • Gear -- optional. This includes kick boards, fins/flippers, buoys, and paddles.
  • Bag -- everything your child brings needs to be kept in a bag. 
  • Y keytag for scanning into the building.