Water Polo

Water Polo will start at Lakeridge on August 10, 2020.

We will have two skills-workout-practice times Monday through Saturday mornings. Each session will be limited to 15 participants. Sign up for four practices/week. We will increase that if we are able to after the first week of practice.

7:30 - 8:30am Ages 11 and up
8:30 - 9:30am Ages 10 & under 

Modified Water Polo Ideas

We must follow the rules of physical distancing - all rules and guidelines must be followed. Practices will consist of drills and skills. Modified games, full games and defensive maneuvers cannot be allowed as they will not comply with Covid distancing requirements.

Only five players per area, with 6' distance between players at all times and virtual competition only between teams:

Each participating club will host their own Olympic style event while practicing social distancing. We will run it live via zoom or some other platform or we record the event and post it as a video along the event results.

What will this look like?

Individual events

●      Water polo fitness-

o   dribbling races for time
o   leg strength challenges (static treading with a weight)
o   cone swims (sprinting between designated cones for time)
o   vertical treading jumps (measuring height of legging out)

●      Target practice-

o   shooting on a goal with a sniper net
o   passing into floating targets
o    distance throws

●      H-O-R-S-E games

●      Skills competitions- Some combination of these ideas in a timed race

In-person single-team events

●      Passing competitions-

o    Kids line up (while keeping distance) and do passing races getting the ball from one end of the line to the other as fast as possible (or do in a circle)
o   Pair passing for speed to get to a number of dry passes or a set amount of time and count dry passes

●      Skills relays- Similar to skills competitions above but in a relay format

●      One on one tug of war

SSWPL “OLYMPIC EVENTS”       Virtual Club Competition

1)    23 yd DRIBBLING SPRINT    (all ages)     

Start off the wall, no pushoff, no throwing the ball, TIMED event


1 handed and 2 handed (lowest hand is measured height for the 2 handed version)

3)    LEG STRENGTH (all ages)

            Hands interlocked on Top of Head, Elbows have to remain dry, TIMED event, in deep water

4)    MOST DRY PASSES IN 1 MINUTE      in deep water

            10&U     3 YDS Apart
            12&U     5 YDS Apart
            14&U    10 YDS Apart  
            18&U   10 YDS Apart

5)    6 THROWS TO FLOATING TARGET RING  (2’ diameter)

            Throws from deep water / Most target hits (in air or first/second “bounce”)

            10&U  - 10 yd throws
            12&U  - 12 yd throws
            14&U  - 15 yd throws
            18&U  - 20 yd throws