Fall Term 2020

Dear SwimFaster Parents, Swimmers and Friends,

We hope all the families and kids are well and safe at home.

In preparation for the 2020 – 2021 Season, we would like to share some ideas and information:

  1. Web Site: We will be using a single site for the SwimFaster Club, available for Squamish and North Vancouver. The site is accessed as:


  1. Contact information:


  1. 2020 Fall Season – No opening dates have been provided for Squamish or North Vancouver.  However, we expect to start September 8 in North Vancouver and October 5 in Squamish.


  1. Operation Process:  Due to Covid-19, SwimFaster is following recommendations and protocols provided by:
    • Swim BC
    • Swimming Canada
    • Via Sport
    • BC Health
    • Lifesaving Society

Also, protocols imposed by Recreation Squamish, NVRC and Vancouver Parks, in their facilities.

Details will be provided by pool and group.

  1. Registration:

There is a transition period where things are not the same as before.  We are subject to space and number of swimmer’s conditions that we need to follow. We account with your understanding on all the measurements we need to take in order to provide a safe service to the Community and our swimmers - Temporary New Normal:

All accounts will be de-activated in the coming days, and we will give priority of registration as per the following criteria:

  • Group 1 – Families that requested a credit to be applied to 2020 Fall priority Registration – Competitive and Development.
  • Group 2 – New Competitive Swimmers with times registered in Swimming Canada as “Competitive” members.
  • Group 3 – Former registered members coming back
  • Group 4 – New members of the Club

All groups will have restricted designated time practices.  No change in schedule will be accepted once the registration is complete and agreed upon unless there is available space.

Competitive practices will be reduced in the water and compensated with dry-land practices and open water swim. Groups will be designated to certain practices and no option to make up any missing practice.

Competitive registration requires commitment to attend swim meets and covering the “Competitive” designation with Swim BC. All other swimmers will be considered “Development” swimmers.

Development Groups will be in the same time schedule as before with a reduced duration of practice:

  • Beginners – same as before
  • Transition – 30’ practice – 3 to 5 kids per lane (depends on the pool)
  • Intermediate – 30 / 40’ - 3 to 5 kids per lane (depends on the pool)
  • Advanced – 30 / 40’ - 3 to 5 kids per lane (depends on the pool)

Fees for classes will be the same as 2019-2020 season even with reduced duration.

For any additional information, please contact us directly by email or phone.

Note: All future operation is subject to Recreation facilities to be re-opened.

Please keep safe!

SwimFaster Club