COVID-19 Guidelines

Due to SMSU and USA Swimming COVID-19 guidelines, swim practices will be different this season.  Please read through and take note of the following procedures that will need to be followed:

  • If a swimmer is not feeling well, has symptoms of COVID-19, OR has been required to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure, do NOT send your swimmer to practice.
  • Please do not have your swimmer arrive to the pool more than 5 minutes before practice time.  We do not want swimmers hanging around at the facility waiting for practice to begin.
  • Swimmers MUST wear a mask while in the SMSU building/pool area.  Masks should be worn until the time the coaches indicate it is okay to remove them and they should be put back on immediately after swim practice is over.  Remind your swimmers that we are guests at SMSU and need to follow the COVID-19 guidelines that SMSU has provided us in regard to facility usage.
  • The swimmers should enter the SMSU facility through the outside door located between the BA Bellows Academic Center (6) and the PE Physical Education Building (3).  See map below (yellow dot).
  • SSC will have a parent volunteer stationed at this door to take the swimmer's temperature and verify they have taken the online SMSU Health Self-Assessment or have them answer the health questions if an online self-assessment was not completed.  Swimmers with a temperature over 100 degrees or if he/she has symptoms of or has been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days will not be allowed to practice.
    • If you choose the SMSU Self-Assessment option it needs to be taken online each day for each swimmer.  The parent volunteer doing the health screening at the door will need to see the email for each swimmer indicating they have completed the online self-assessment and are "green" (i.e. able to come to campus that day).  The self-assessment can be found here:
    • If an online self-assessment is not completed for the swimmer or the email indicating their green status can not be shown, the parent volunteer will fill out a report with the swimmers name that will be emailed to SMSU after practice indicating they were on campus and passed our health assessment. 
  • Once inside SMSU, the swimmers should proceed to the swimming pool through their respective locker rooms.  Please instruct them not to spend time in the locker rooms, just walk through it to the pool entrance.
  • While on the pool deck,swimmers should space themselves 6 feet apart from other swimmers when getting ready to swim and when drying off/leaving swim practice.  
  • Please plan to have your swimmers arrive and leave with their swim suits on under their clothing.    The locker rooms will NOT be availabe for showering or changing.
  • Please have your swimmers use the restroom before coming to practice.  The locker rooms will be open for bathroom usage if needed however, SMSU is requiring only one swimmer in the locker room at a time monitored by the coaches.  We do not have extra coaches to monitor the locker rooms so it will only be used in the case of an emergency.  
  • To begin the season, parents will not be able to view practices from the observation deck.  As the season progresses hopefully our COVID-19 guidelines will change and we will be able to allow parents to view practices again.
  • Swimmers should wear masks when arriving to the pool, on the pool deck, and when leaving the pool.  
  • We will try to limit swimmer interactions during practices as much as possible.  This will include limiting the number of swimmers per lane and grouping family units together in a lane as much as possible.  We will also be starting from both ends of the pool so it will be a different experience for your swimmers.  Also, you may see changes to the practice times, etc. as the season progresses depending on the number of swimmers we have in each group.

This is subject to change like everything else in this COVID-19 pandemic.  We will be re-evaluating our procedures on a weekly basis to determine how things are going and making the necessary changes.