Training Squads

BAT is comprised of an Age Group and Senior Swimming Programs. While we are ONE TEAM, each program follows a specific progression of training squads based on skill level and developmental learning outcomes. Read about each level and establish goals to prepare yourself for the next level of training and competition. 

The sport of swimming can serve as a transformational vehicle. 
It is our belief that the skills and conditioning obtained in competitive swimming are more rewarding if they are directed toward a specific purpose—one that is defined and OWNED by the swimmer. Goals come in many forms:
   1. Performance based (times achieved)
   2. Process-based (mastering technique)
   3. Frequency of practice
   4. Punctuality
   5. Making friends
   6. Improving physical conditioning / mental health
Swimmers choose their goals to fit their needs. They often work best and are most meaningful when they come from within. Teammates are encouraged to help each other focus on their goals. This does not mean they should define your goals for you. But you can find out what your teammates goals are and help them along by directing their focus. Our aim as student-athletes is to build the capability to be self-determining and to understand how we can contribute in a unique and meaningful way.
Groups will be restructured as follows in the fall of 2020.



The Senior Group consists of eighth grade students and above ­that exhibit a high level of swimming and workout ability. These swimmers are expected to be mature, dedicated, responsible, and dependable. As our more advanced swimmers increase their commitment to the sport, we insist that they maintain good academic standing. Senior swimmers have up to nine practices per week lasting up to 2 ½ hours. 


The national team consists of those swimmers who have qualified for a USA Swimming National, Junior National, NCSA Jr's, NASA Jr's, or Sectional Championship Meet.

COACH: Bobby Yribarren


The age-group training squads are composed of swimmers who are fourteen and under. The squad progression is as follows:


This is a pre-competitive group with a major emphasis on safety and stroke fundamentals. This group will be introduced to competition through in-house swim meets. The Bronze Developmental Group swims 2 days per week with each practice lasting 45 minutes.  


This is a novice group with a major emphasis on stroke technique. This group will be introduced to low-level competitions. 3-4 practices offered per week with each session lasting from 45 to 60 minutes. Expected to attend at least 3 workouts per week.


These swimmers have started to demonstrate solid swimming technique and will be introduced to longer workouts. The majority of practice time is spent working to refine stroke mechanics and learning the hard and soft skills necessary for proper training etiquette. 4-5 practices offered per week for 60 to 75 minutes each plus 2 weekly dryland sessions at 45 minutes a piece. Expected to attend at least 3 workouts per week.


Platinum swimmers are well-versed in technique and racing strategy. Generally, they have a skill level commensurate with Far Western Championship time standards. Most of the swimmers in the Platinum Group are between the ages of 12-14 years old. (During non-COVID times) 5-6 practices offered per week with workouts lasting 90 to 120 minutes plus 2 weekly dryland sessions at 45 minutes a piece. Expected to attend 90% of available workouts.