Welcome Back FMSC Families  

I anticipate that you have all had a good start to the season and are adapting to the new realities of training through the pandemic  

The new normal has us all navigating life in a vastly different manner.   As you can see through registration, we have made some changes to the competitive side.  We have renamed some of the groups.  The club has also reduced some of our volunteer commitments, as well as our raffle and Presidents Club expectations. If at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  

I am hopeful that FMSC and our members will work together to ensure we have a successful year.  


Najwa Karamujic  

FMSC President 


General Message from The Head Coach

Well, the month of September is behind us.  Our first few days were very exciting, the swimmers were glad to be back in the water and excited to see old friends.  This was short lived as the new norm of Covid raised its head.  We had several swimmers out with symptoms and testing.  I want to thank all the parents and the swimmers for their diligence and respect for their team mates and cohorts. 

Overall, the program looks great; the swimmers are responding to the new coaching styles and the parent meetings were well received and supportive.  The coaches are very excited to see all the swimmers and the vast improvement in such a short time period.  In keeping with the emphasis on the journey not the end we will be instituting a “Swimmer of the Month” program.  The coaches will select one swimmer from each group who exemplifies effort, attitude and attendance. The first of these will be announced at the end of the October and each month thereafter.

So far, we have only one Squad Parent.  We have a Squad Parent for Jr, Jr + and Performance squad.  We still need Squad Parents for Mini Manta Monday/Wednesday and Mini Manta Tuesday/Thursday, Bronze, Silver and Gold.   If you are interested in volunteering to fill one of these Squad Parent positions please email Coach Jim.


Mini Mantas

This fantastic group of 6 to 11-year-old swimmers has a good grasp of the basics and a strong foundation to continue to build on. We are reviewing the basics and strengthening that body awareness that helps them to “feel” their way through the water. There has been a lot of experimenting and fun so far, and the kids are putting in a good effort which I love to see. It is shaping up to be a great season!

Coach Kim



Bronze group has been off to an awesome start and it is so heart filling to see all these familiar smiley faces in the pool again. we really missed everyone.  We’ve been starting off nice and easy so we can get everyone back into the rhythm of swimming since being gone for months. Mostly working on the basics of the strokes and timing and we will keep building up to perfecting everything. Everyone has been working super hard and I can’t wait to see their progress throughout the year! 

Coach Gwyneth 



I am very excited to see a group with such keen eagerness to focus on the coaching tips.  They are attentive and willing to attempt all the new drills and practice formats.  Like all other groups we too are challenged with the seasonal cold and Covid testing interrupting our attendance.  But they are very good at making sure that it is safe to return and respecting their team mates.  I can’t wait to see where this year is going to take us.



Gold group has really impressed me.  The group has a lot of potential and has some very good training habits and stroke fundamentals.  An excellent starting point.  We are three weeks in already and things are looking good.  We will continue the push to break bad habits early; like not kicking out far enough and sluggish tumble-turns.  Changes in these areas can pay big dividends at swim meets.  We are off to a great start.  Only four weeks until our first meet! 


Junior, Junior+, Performance (affectionately known as “guppy gutter grabbers”)

This group of young adult and senior swimmers are really starting to become a cohesive unit.  I am very pleased with their attention and focus for technique enhancements and their energy.  They have attacked a few of our challenging sets with great determination and concentration.  We are just starting to enter into the goal setting phase which adds excitement to the year as anything is possible at this time. It is great to be among young people with goals and love of the sport it really is revitalizing and exciting.  Keep up the great work.


General Message from Coach Shiloh

Hello swim families! It’s been so nice to see our swimmers back in the water and to breathe in that chlorine again. I know that I’ve missed it! So far, it’s been a good start, everyone is engaged and ready to learn; something that’s very important as we all adjust to new coaches and ideas. There are very few things I’d been looking forward to more than the start of the swim season, and I’m extremely excited to see how everyone improves and grows this year! It’s been a good few weeks and a surprisingly smooth transition.  I’m positive that in the next few months we will continue to see our swimmers connecting and having fun!

Shiloh Helberg