TYR/Elmsore-  LINK: WYNS online team store In conjunction with our TYR sponsorship and Elsmore Swim Shop we are able to order both equipment, apparel and personalized swim caps at a discounted rate through our Elsmore team store.  With the exception of swim caps the apparel and equipment can be ordered at any time, will be processed immediately, and shipped to your home. We will only be offering the option to order personalized swim caps a couple of times a year. The team discount will also apply when purchasing things in person through the Elsmore store at Schroeder and now Brookfield, or any meet where they are selling gear.  When you do order from Elsmore, they give 5% back to the team, which makes it an easy fundraising opportunity.


LINK: QRG (Quality Resource Group) This is our vendor through the Y. There are a few logistics that will be important to notice.  When ordering you will be asked to create an account.  This account can then be used any time you want to order.  Also, even though you can order at any time, orders will only be processed on the 10th of each month.  Lastly, when checking out it may appear that you can only have items shipped to the Y.  Please review this closely and you will notice that there is a spot for you to add a new address so that you can arrange to have items shipped directly to your home.  

Please reach out to Lowie, our team admin, [email protected] with any questions and she will do her best to assist you.