My Swim Level

Welcome to " My Swim Level"

We are currently working on a website that will give you access to a swim certificate that states what level your swimmer is at, has notes for the week on what they are working on, and for every day they attend a new virtual fun sticker will be added to the chart. You will be given a login and a pin number to view your swimmers' progress.

In the meantime, as this has not been released yet, each parent will be receive links to a Google document that will have your swimmers' level listed and what they are currently working on. This information will be updated and sent to you weekly by your site's program manager.


How do my swimmers get evaluated?

We use a 10 level progression program. The first day or two of their lessons, they will be evaluated and placed into a class during your chosen time that fits their age and skill level. The levels are as listed below:

Level 1: Bubbles

Level 2: Floats

Level 3: Kicks

Level 4: Side Skills

Level 5: Freestyle

Level 6: Backstroke

Level 7: Butterfly

Level 8: Breaststroke

Level 9: Dives/Flips

Level 10: "All-Arounder"


To learn more about our levels and what criteria is needed to pass each, you can go to our "Lesson Progression" tab, or Click Here.