2021 FAQs


LVST 2021 FAQs


The Lucas Valley Swim Team’s main goal this year is to safely get kids in the water. We know that this year will look (and feel) very different than in past years. We feel that we can accomplish that goal by following a strict strategy and staying on top of the County’s Covid Protocols for safety.

  1. When does the season start/end?

The 2021 Spring season runs from Monday, April 12--Wednesday, June 30

  1. What does the practice schedule look like this year?

10 and Under 


(40 minute practices)

Session 1: 3:30PM

Session 2: 4:25PM


(45 minute practices)

Session 1: 9:50AM

Session 2: 8:55AM

11 and Up 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday     (50 minute practices)
Session 1: 3:30PM

Session 2: 4:30PM


(60 minute practices)

Session 1: 11:55AM

Session 2: 10:45AM

  1. What are the registration fees this year?

10 and under: $330

11 and up: $450

high school: $165

* If you believe you have a credit from last year, please go through the complete registration process, including payment, and we will reimburse you once verified.

  1. Is there a minimum age and/or ability level?

Swimmers ages 5—18 are welcome to join the team this year. In terms of ability, this is not a swim school program. Younger, novice swimmers will need to be able to swim across the pool, unassisted. Due to Covid protocols, coaches will not be able to be in the water assisting swimmers—All coaching will be done from the pool deck.

  1. What pool(s) will LVST be swimming in this year?

Monday — Friday practices will be held at the Terra Linda Recreation Center (TLRC) pool located at 670 Del Ganado Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903. Saturday practices will be held at the Terra Linda High School (TLHS) pool located at 320 Nova Albion Way, San Rafael, CA 94903. All age groups will swim at both pools.

  1. What will practice look like this year?

LVST will be following strict Covid protocols for all aspects of practices this season (see website for full list.) We are currently limited to two swimmers per lane at the TLRC pool, which is an eight lane pool. And three swimmers per lane at the TLHS pool, which has five lanes. There will be no more than sixteen swimmers total per practice session (see above for details on practice sessions).
Below are some additional details:

-- There will not be anyone allowed on the pool deck except for swimmers, who are signed up for the current session, and up to two coaches. No parents or siblings are allowed on the pool deck. 

--LVST will take the temperature of every swimmer and coach daily. Please go to for specific details about Covid exposure, symptoms, etc.

-- At the TLRC pool, there will be two swimmers per lane. Each swimmer will start at one end of the pool. At the TLHS pool, there will be three swimmers per lane. One swimmer will start at each end of the pool and the third swimmer will start in the middle of the pool.

--We are doing our best to create small group cohorts, therefore,  swimmers will not be able to switch days or change practices once the season has begun. 

-- If Marin County’s HHS and City of San Rafeal increase the number of swimmers per lane to three and four respectively, LVST will inform you prior to the practice where this will take effect.

  1. Who are the coaches this season?

We are excited to have Coach Mike Merrell back on the pool deck and have added another well seasoned coach, Kriste Johnson. Former LVST swimmer and Assistant Coach, Edan Flynn,  will once again be assisting our coaches and team this year.

  1. Will Saturday practice be different that Monday - Friday?

YES!! Most Saturday’s will be different from regular practices during the week. First of all, it’s a chance to have some fun! We also plan to have our usual clinics (price is included!) where we really focus on the technical aspects of dives, turns and strokes.

  1. Will there be Swim Meets this year?

We plan to hold time-trial “virtual” meets this season. What this means is that LVST will not physically swim against another team; Swimmers will swim against other LVST team members. Coaches will then send official times into the Marin Swim League (MSL) and there will be a “leader board” on the MSL website where swimmers can see how their times match up against other swimmers in the league.

  1. Will my child be able to be in a group with his/her friend(s) AND how do I sign my swimmer up for a certain group/session?

Once your registration has been approved, we will send you a questionnaire asking for your preferred group and time as well as any friends you would like to see your child grouped with.  While we cannot offer any guarantees, we will do our best to accommodate.