Learn to Swim

We aim to develop life-long swimmers. Strong swimming leads to a love of water, lifetime fitness opportunities and most importantly, a healthy respect for water safety. Swimmers learn the following skills in the courses below. For example, if your swimmer can do some Freestyle but not Backstroke, s/he should be in Level 3.

Station 1 - Blow bubbles, submerge face, bobs, float on back and front, glide, basic safety rules.

Station 2 - Streamlines, kick front and back, kickboard kick, beginning Freestyle (15yds), surface diving to 4’.

Station 3 - Freestyle and Backstroke kick and strokes (25yds), surface diving to 7’, jumps from edge, begin treading water.

Station 4 - Deep water bobs, Freestyle and Backstroke endurance (50yds), beginning Breaststroke, treading water, beginning dives.

Station 5 - Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke build endurance (75 yds), Butterfly kick, turns.

Once you have determined your child's station level, please use the SQUAD/JG Prep/Lesson Registration tab to register for lessons.


There will be 4 sessions in the Summer of 2021. Session 1 is from June 14-25. Session 2 is from June 28-July 9. Session 3 is from July 12-23. Session 4 is from July 26-August 6.