Summer Squad

Summer Squad 2021

Welcome Summer Squad Families! Coach Spano, Coach Mary, Coach Mia and Coach Azariah are excited to be working with your swimmer(s) this summer. A couple of quick notes before we get started:

- We will be using email as the primary form of communication. Updates & reminders will be posted to our social media accounts on Facebook & Instagram.

- Please arrive to practice 5min before the start time so your swimmer(s) are ready to go.

- Coaches are not able to talk with parents during the practice. If you have questions for the coaches, please send an email.

- Equipment: Swimmers will need a pair of goggles & a cap (if they have long hair). You do not need to buy a pair of $50 Michael Phelps goggles, but I’d recommend not buying the cheapest option. Most kids use the Speedo Vanquisher style of goggles ($15 @, as we are indoors, the mirrored style that block the sun is not necessary.  Kickboards will be provided.

- We will have 2 swim meets- TBA. The coaching staff will handle entries for the meets. We will need volunteer timers the day of.

- We will be holding brief parent meetings after practice the week of May 10 & May 17.

Coach Spano - [email protected]

Coach Mary - [email protected]

We’re looking forward to a great summer! Let me know if you have any

Coach Spano, Coach Mary, Coach Mia and Coach Azariah