The Sedona Swim Team is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization based out of Sedona, Arizona. As a non profit organization we are apart of the community to make a difference. The Sedona Swim Team wants to create a community of people that enjoy moving their bodies in fun and exciting ways. We have members on the team that are swimmers, triathletes, post surgery and young people. Each and every one of these people can tell you that the Sedona Swim Team has made a large impact on their life. Many have continued swimming past swim team and others have improved their health tremendously. This would not have been possible without the sponsors we have had in the past. 

During the Winter we are asking the community if they are interested in supporting their local organization. Our swim team wants to be involved in the community as much as possible and we want the community involved with the swim team. As a sponsor you will not only be contributing a monetary value but it will show how much you care for your city. 

We hope that we can add more businesses to our sponsor page for 2023.

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