Parents - you are very important to the success of all of our meets - both home and away. It takes a large number of people, workng together, to have a great meet...and it is fun as well! 

If you have 1 swimmer, you have been assigned to 3 volunteer slots, and if you have 2 or more swimmers, you have been assigned to 4 slots.  If you are unable to fulfill your duty, it is your responsibility to get someone to cover your slot.  A description of each job is listed below.

Please check in well ahead of your start time, so we do not have to delay the meet. Thank You! smiley

Computer Entry - data entry of swim times into the computer system
Stroke and Turn - monitor swimmers to check for hand touches, correct strokes, etc.
Timer - push plunger as each swimmer in your lane touches the wall to record their time
Recorder - use handheld stopwatch to double check time, and record swimmer's numbers and times on a sheet
Runner - collect time recording sheets after event event, from each lane, and deliver them to the computer entry team - also make sure timers and recorders have refreshments as needed
Snack Bar - make sure timers/recorders have refreshments at the beginning of each half of the meet, assist customers purchasing items from the snack bar
Trash - monitor trash cans around the swim complex, dump as needed, and be sure all trash is collected and dumped at the end of the meet.
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