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Parent Volunteering Requirements
Parent volunteers are the backbone of our team. The success and culture of the team is directly correlated to the volunteer commitment and positive attitudes of our parents. It takes approximately 100 parent volunteers from two swim teams to make a swim meet function well. Usually these swim meet shifts take only 2 – 2 ½ hours, and they are easy. It’s an opportunity to set an example for our kids, have fun, socialize with neighbors and make new friends!
Each family is required to volunteer for:
  • 5 swim meet shifts if you have 1 swimmer or 7 meet shifts if you have 2 or more swimmers

  • 1 team event committee job (if all committee jobs are taken, please select 1 additional swim meet shift)

Click here to read the job description for each volunteer position.
Your registration will not be approved until you've signed up for all of your volunteer shifts, so sign up early to get the shifts you want.
If your plans change and you are unable to come for your volunteer job, it is your resposibility to find a replacement. The best alternative may be trading shifts with another family. Please let our volunteer coordinator know of any changes as soon as possible.
If you fail to meet your volunteer obligations for the season, your swimmer(s) may not be able to return to the team next season.