MTC Follow Up

Hello All!

Incase you missed the meet the coaches meeting, below are many of the details discussed in the meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions. Go Blue Eagles!

  • Practice schedule
    • M-F: 3:15-5:00pm
    • Tue, Thur AM: 6-7am These practices are additional, not supplemental and will only be an opportunity for athletes to double. These AM practices are optional.
    • Saturday 10:30-12:30pm
    • First day of practice, Friday 11/19 will be 3:15-4:45pm


  • Meet Schedule is attached HERE


  • Communication
    • We require all athletes to be at practice 100% of the time, with a few caveats
      • #1 if you communicate to us PRIOR to practice that you will not be there one day because of something school or family related, etc., that is an excused absence.
      • #2 if you swim for a club team, you may attend their practices instead of ours, BUT we will be in communication with your club coach every day to confirm that you were in attendance.
        • You are REQUIRED to be at a minimum of 2 Nazareth High School practices per week.
      • ALL communications should come from the swimmer! Parents we are here to answer any questions that you have but we want the swimmers to take ownership of their sport and work on the important life skill of communication.


  • We will now have a 4 strike policy if you miss practice and do not communicate with us PRIOR to practice.
    • Strike 1: Is a freebee, you are kids and everyone has those days.
    • Strike 2: You will miss the next meet
      • You MUST be in attendance at this meet, you just will not participate.
    • Strike 3: You will miss the next 2 meets
      • You MUST be in attendance at these meets, you just will not participate.
    • Strike 4: You will be removed from the team.
      • We are not trying to have anyone removed from the team and will do everything we can to work with the swimmers in hopes that this NEVER happens.
    • Please send all communications about missing practice to [email protected] and [email protected]


  • All athletes who finish the season will receive a Varsity Letter!


  • The District Committee made some major changes to District Championships. Those changes are listed below:
    • 1. The will be no more district cut times
    • 2. Only the top 16 swimmers in each event will qualify for districts


  • Due to the large number of swimmers coming out for the team this year, we will be making cuts to the team this season.
    • The schedule for our tryout period is listed below
      • Friday 11/19
        • We will talk about expectations during the tryout period. All athletes must be in attendance everyday during the tryout period.
      • Saturday 11/20
        • Drill progressions for the long axis strokes
      • Monday 11/22
        • Drill progressions for short axis strokes
      • Tuesday 11/23
        • We will have our time trail where swimmers will swim in 5 events (or as many as they are able to do) and the coaches will take the times from that time trial to determine who will make the team. The events the swimmers will compete in are listed below.
          • 100 free
          • 50 fly
          • 50 back
          • 50 breast
          • 50 free
      • Wednesday 11/24
        • At the conclusion of Wednesday practice we will talk to everyone who is being cut
      • Friday 11/26
        • 1 hour of swim out time (Time TBA)
        • Saturday 11/27
          • First full practice with only those who made the team. Talk about expectations for the season, etc.
        • Monday 11/29
          • Begin training regimen for the season


  • Still have open swims M-W-F from 3:30-5pm for anyone who would like to get in the pool before the season begins.
    • Moving forward Open Swims will be more of an organized practice instead of an open swim. This will give any new swimmers the opportunity to see what a practice is like.
    • Friday 11/12 Open swim is CANCELLED!


  • Meet Day apparel
    • For away meets, swimmers are expected to dress up. For home meet days, we are hoping to wear our warm up tops once all swimmers get them. Since the order will arrive after our first few home meets, swimmers will be dressing up for all (home and away) meets until further notice. We will inform you when all swimmers have received the warm up tops.
    •  If anyone for any reason cannot get the warm up top please let me know and we will make sure your swimmer gets one, as we want everyone to have a team warm up top. I do not want or need details.


  • Picture Day Tuesday 11/30 at 3:00pm
    • Details attached.


The coaches email addresses for your reference:

Mike Rinde: [email protected]

JJ Apostolico: [email protected]

Alyssa Apostolico: [email protected]

Kadie Weaver: [email protected]

Bob Nowicki: [email protected]


As stated above, please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you all at the pool soon!


Have a great day!