Open Water
Open Water


We are thrilled to be developing Open Water training and racing opportunities within EMAC.  Our long course and triathlon groups have the opportunities to train for and race within this burgeoning division of our sport, which is growing both within Middle Atlantic and USA Swimming.


Certain athletes thrive in the open water environment.  It offers an opportunity to use the endurance, training, and grit developed through months and/or years of training without the specific time pressure of pool racing.  While racing in a pool, whether it be short course yards, short course meters, or long course meters, the course is a very specified distance and therefore times are critical and objective.  Because the open water venues vary with current, weather, temperature, light, and crowded courses (to name just a few of the many variables) the essence of the event is more about a head to head race rather than a specific time.  This allows athletes to use strategies, different types of techniques, and mental fortitude that are different from racing in the pool.  It also offers a fun alternative to pressurized time chasing and a chance to race while enjoying the outdoors, teammates, and fitness.


These are just some of the reasons we believe open water opportunities should be offered to our athletes – hopefully many of them will just test the waters, so to speak.


Please see the links below for our training and racing opportunities. Contact Coach Mandy ([email protected]) or Coach Matt ([email protected]) with questions.


2022 Open Water Event Schedule


Downloadable Open Water Event Schedule