2022 Summer Season


This year’s registration deadline is May 15th, 2022. Registration will be completely online this year. In an effort to reduce contact, all registrations must be paid by credit card (processing fees have been waived).  We are hoping to have our roster completed earlier this year, so please register by May 15th or contact an officer if there is a problem registering before that date.  Registration must be completed by May 28th.  In addition, you must register before you can practice and before you are added to our summer email list. 

LVST Team Fees:  Team Fees are due by May 28th.  Team Fees include a $10 multi swimmer discount if paid by May 15th. LVST Team Fees, as well as Annville-Cleona Pool membership, must be paid before swimmers may enter the water. 

  • 1 swimmer: $95
  • 2 swimmers: $180
  • 3 swimmers: $255
  • 4 swimmers: $320
  • 5 swimmers: $375

After May 15th, fees are as follows:

  • 1 swimmer: $115
  • 2 swimmers: $230
  • 3 swimmers: $345
  • 4 swimmers: $460
  • 5 swimmers: $575

*PLEASE do NOT give registration/money to the coaches*

Annville-Cleona Pool Membership:  To participate, each swimmer must also be a member of the A/C Pool.  Membership forms are available on the pool website ( ) or at the pool after Memorial Day.  If you are new to the summer team or need more information about how to join the pool, you may contact Sarah Kreiser at [email protected]  A/C pool membership, as well as the LVST Team Fees, must be paid before swimmers may enter the water.  Please allow 30 days for your check to clear. All AC Pool registrations must be mailed into the address on the membership form. LVST Swim Team can NOT accept any membership forms or payment for the AC pool membership. 

Online Registration: We will be using online registation again this summer.  Online registration will open to all swimmers on April 15th. 

All-Star Meet: Mark your calendars for July 24th! The Otters host one of the league's championship meets on July 24th. EVERY family is expected to donate the snack bar and is expected to volunteer for at least one shift during this meet even if your swimmer is not participating in the meet.  All Star sign ups are currently available.  Once your registration is approved, please sign up for a donation slot and a volunteer time slot.  If you are unable to help the day of the meet, please speak to a board member for ways to help with the pre-planning of the meet. This meet is our major fundraiser and helps us to keep our team fees as low as possible. Past support of this meet is a major reason why we were able to have a team this past winter even without a home pool.

Meet Eligibility: We encourage every swimmer to participate in meets. By participating in meets, swimmers are able to see their growth in the pool throughout the season and also enjoy time socializing with their swim friends during meets. Once your swimmer is able to kick one lap independently across the pool, they are eligible to swim in meets.  Many of our older swimmers swam in their first meets when they were 4-6 years old!

Everyone will need to do the following to register for the Otters swim team:

-Returning Winter 21-22 Families (if you have already created an account): Go to the Otters website, click on the "Registration" button, click on the green "Continue/Check Status" button, and sign into your account.

-Returning Families that did not swim for the Otters during Winter 2021-2022: Go to the Otters website, but DO NOT try to sign in first.  Instead, click on the "Registration" button, click on the green "Continue/Check Status" button, enter your email and password and click on the blue "Continue" button.

-New Families (families that have never swam for LVST): Go to the Otters website, click on the "Registration" button, click on the green "Continue/Check Status" button, and then click on the green "Create New Account" button located underneath the section where existing users enter their username and password.  This will allow you to add all the information about your swimmers and create a new account to register.

  • Once you have logged on or created an account, you will need to register your swimmers for the Summer season. There will be 1 group for Summer Season- “Competitive Team.”  When completing the online registration, you will need to register all of your children at the same time to earn a multi swimmer discount. If you register one swimmer now and then try to register another swimmer later, you will NOT earn the multi swimmer discount.
  • Once you have reached the end of registration, you will receive a confirmation message telling you that your registration is compete. You must get this message or your registration will not be completely processed.
  • Registration this year must be paid by credit card during the Online Registration.  This fee is to our team for operational team costs, pool equipment, and/or team gift.
  • Email Joanna Demchak at [email protected] if you need any help using the online registration.

Important Summer Information

COVID-19 Protocols: At this time, we will be following CDC Guidelines.  All protocols and guidelines are subject to change.

Indoor Practice Schedule: At this time, we are hopeful that we will be able to practice indoors at LVC once the college students have finished their semester in mid-May.

Outdoor Practice Schedule:  Outdoor practice will start in early June! Once school ends, practice will be outside at the Annville-Cleona pool in the mornings.  Exact practice times will be determined once we have registration numbers. Swimmers ages 11& up will practice first starting around 7:30 am.  Swimmers ages 10 & under will practice second starting around 8:45 am.  Practice Groups will need to be strictly adhered to in order to maintain capacity limits at each practice.  We request your cooperation with the practice groups.

Meet Schedule: As of now, the current plan is to have 5 meets on Saturday mornings.  The potential date for our first meet is June 11th.  Invitationals are unknown at this time.   The complete meet schedule is not available at this time.  Please check the website in the next few weeks for the schedule.

Otter Wear: Otter Wear will be available to order. An email will be sent out in the near future with the Otter Wear link.

Meet Sign-ups:  Swimmers sign up to participate in dual meets at practice.  Swimmers must sign up on the team website by Sunday of each week.  To participate in Divisional Championships, swimmers must compete in three dual meets.  Divisionals is a qualifying meet for the All-Star Meet, and the All-Star Meet is a qualifying meet for the Mid-Cap Meet.  Swimmers who are not available to swim in All-Stars and/or Mid-Caps may swim in Divisionals but must note their unavailability for later meets on their Divisional events sign-up form.

Volunteer Expectations and Sign-ups:  Volunteers are the backbone of all swimming events.  Our swimmers can’t swim without you!  An email will be sent prior to each meet with a link to our website in order for sign up home and away dual meets and for All-Stars.  Volunteers are needed for both the home and away meets.  We expect that at least one parent from each family will volunteer at each meet!

The 2022 MPSL All-Star Meet: At this time, we do not know what the post season championships will look like.  In the past, we have hosted the MPSL All-Star meet and hope to again this year.  This meet will take place on July 24th.  LVST’s role as the host of the MPSL All-Star Swimming Meet allows us to keep team fees low and avoid other fundraisers.  Half of the proceeds of this meet help substantially fund our annual swim team budget.  The other half of the proceeds helps us fund long-term equipment needs and allows us to make an annual contribution to the A/C Pool.  Hosting this meet is a huge undertaking, and it requires the help of every Otter family.  So, please fill out the enclosed All-Star Volunteer Form as part of your registration process.  Note: Every family is asked to help set up and tear down for the All-Star Meet.  Additionally, every family is asked to staff one of the many volunteer positions on meet day.  For those vacationing on meet day and therefore unable to serve, we have some “leg work” positions that can be completed prior to All-Star weekend.  If you are unable to serve on meet day, we ask that you volunteer for one of these positions.

All-Star Program Advertising Letter & Form:  Our registration fees are very reasonable due to the money accrued from the advertisements and program sales.   Each Otter family is strongly encouraged to sponsor an advertisement or sell an advertisement to a local business. If you are interested in helping with the program or in advertising in the program, e-mail [email protected]

Team Communication:  Otter news is communicated in two ways: our website,, and weekly email from [email protected]  If you utilize a spam filter on your email program, be sure it allows email from this address.

Team suits and caps: We will be placing an order for team suits and caps through T&T swimming.  The link to order team suits and cap can be found here-  Order forms are due May 6th.  If you have questions about sizing, ask a board member or experienced parent.  Team suits are NOT required.  Swimmers may wear whatever they wish to compete.  Navy blue suits are encouraged and can be purchased many different places.  Many families use