Spring Clinic

COMPETITIVE SWIMMING DEVELOPMENT CLINIC is geared toward swimmers with some prior competitive experience (including SAC pre-team), or those beginning their competitive career, and will concentrate on technique including proper stroke refinement, starts, and turns.  Coaches will focus on one stroke every two days beginning with freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, then butterfly.  The last 2 days will pull everything together including streamlining, body positioning, starts, turns and finishes.  NOTE: This is not a swim lesson program, must have swim team or SAC pre-team experience. Participants must register for the full session – no pro-rates.  The clinic runs May 16th - June 3rd  Monday through Thursday (except for 5/17 and 5/19).  8 unders and 10 unders 6-6:50pm.  11 and up 6:50-8:15pm.   It is recommended participants attend as many practices a week as possible to get the full benefits of the clinic, but not mandatory due to other commitments.

  • 3-WEEK SESSION:   May 16th to June 3rd (except 5/17 and 5/19 due to water polo practices)     SAC Members $75  Non-SAC Members $90