Team Partners


The national team consists of swimmers highly dedicated to this team and their own development. This group requires a high level of intensity and averages over 16 training hours per week. These swimmers are required to attend all National Team designated events.


The senior team consists of area high school swimmers and some other swimmers that exhibit a high level of swimming and workout ability. These swimmers are expected to be mature, dedicated, responsible, and dependable. This group averages over 10 training hours per week.


The Gold Group (formerly Senior Development) consists of swimmers who have an excellent work ethic and are aware of goal setting. These swimmers are well versed in technique and strategy. Generally, these are age group swimmers with a skill level comparable to state level cut-off times and higher. These swimmers are experienced with competition and average 10 hours per week with some dryland.


As young swimmers develop, they will progress through the Silver Group (formerly Junior). In this program, we teach the proper stroke mechanics and introduce to the athlete how to prepare for competition and introduce goal setting. We want to create an atmosphere that will help them develop a love of swimming. This group practices four days per week for 90-minutes per session.


The Bronze Group (formerly developmental) is designed for the new younger swimmer and is instructional. It is perfect for the 8 and under swimmers and the 9/10 year olds who are new to competitive swimming.  There will be a coach in the water on occasion with these swimmers. This group will learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming. There will be much emphasis on educating the child and creating a fun experience and atmosphere. Practices are one to 1 1/2-hour sessions, three days a week.