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"Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts." -John Wooden

     To build upon what legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden said, developing courage under pressure and learning how to overcome perceived 'failures' far outweighs and outlives the temporary gratification of tangible accolades.

     Athletic participation is indeed competition; however, competition is merely part of youth sport.  Children are always watching adults and can be easily influenced by the behavior of an adult.  Just as positive behavior may positively affect the mood and self-esteem of a child and his or her interest in an activity, negative behavior often has the opposite effect. Often times, a negative encounter with a parent can be more detrimental to a child than all positive experiences leading up to that point.  Poor performance in the pool is not a failure as a person and winning an event is not always a sign of success.  Moreover, success or failure happens based upon the reaction to the performance.  

     At PAC, we foster a positive environment for children to learn how to "Win with Class and Lose with Grace" and above all, enjoy the journey. With your support in promoting cohesion between family members; coaches; and teammates, our PAC swimmers will achieve true success both in the water and outside of the water.

Through the utilization of the USA Swimming Parent section and additional educational outlets, PAC educates parents on the how, why, when, where, what and to what extent parents should be involved in the learning process of participating in youth athletics.