Team Partners
Practice Calendar/Meet schedule

Important Spring Dates:

Swim Team Spring Training Session

  • Tuesdays May 8th—June 26th
  • Downtown Branch  5:45-7:15pm
  • $75 per session for YMCA Members
  • $115 Community Members
  • Ages: 6-18 years old

Swim Technique Clinics

  • $20 YMCA Member per clinic
  • $35 Community Member per clinic
  • Times: 12-18 years old 9:00-10:50am and 6-11 years old 11:00-12:50

May 12th:

Freestyle and Backstroke Clinic

This clinic will focus on freestyle and backstroke as well as turns. The clinic is a great opportunity for both children who are new to the sport and learning to do their strokes and for experienced swimmers who need to refine their technique and become more skilled swimmers.

Registration Deadline: May 9th

June 9th:

Butterfly and Breaststroke Clinic

This clinic will focus on butterfly and breaststroke as well as turns. The intimate clinic setting will allow our coaches and instructors to focus on the mechanics of these strokes and help your child leave feeling more polished than when they arrived.

Registration Deadline: June 6th