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2017 Goals
Goals and Strategies for 2010
"Continuing in a Tradition of Excellence in a Positive and Confidence Building Environment"
Improve communications * Update and maintain web site
* Maintain e-mail list
* Electronic newsletters
* Composite calendar
Build competitive calendar and quality of meets * Train and mentor meet personnel
* Conduct 3 meets annually
* Team representation at SCY Nationals
* Team representation at FINA World Games
Promote USMS fitness events to members and community * Newsletter articles, releases, and communications to
members, community groups and local businesses
Improve workout quality and structure * Provide a wide variety of workouts to
meet the needs of all levels, abilities, and ages.
Promote education for swimmers and coaches * Articles on rules and stroke
* Articles on fitness topics
* Develop and implement swim clinics
* Coach attended ASCA and USMS conventions
Promote safety education * Information for local groups
* Promotion of "safety week" to include goals and events for safety education
* Attend local community events
Promote Masters swimming in the Saddleback and Mission Viejo areas.

Attract and acquire younger and senior age group members
* Outreach to local business
* Use of USMS brochures
* Visit local service groups to attract and acquire younger and speak on fitness senior age group members
* Outreach to local Triathlon clubs
* Promote fitness events
* maintain up to date list of pool sand pool managers
Develop Nationally ranked swimmers to compete at the national level * Team exposure via web site, media press, and fulfillment of above objectives and strategies.