Swim Team

Swim Team

The Arbor Heights Swim Team offers training and practice groups for children of Club Members. The team is part of the Seattle Summer Swim League.
It is the goal of the Arbor Heights Swim Team to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.
Age as of June 15th:
Categories: Starters, 8&Under, 10&Under, 12&Under, 14&Under, Seniors (15-18)


A word about graduating seniors: Swimmers may participate in SSSL the summer after graduating from high school even if they have turned 19 by June 15th. 
Contact Info:
Head Coach Nate Williams~ arborcoaches@gmail.com (cell) 206-612-0358
Board Rep Jen Southwell ~ ah-swim@ahstc.com (cell) 206-276-2479
Parent Liaisons ~Lisa Richardson and Wendy Hellar
Far a last minute serious injury or illness on meet day - text or call coach asap with swimmer name. Notice is needed to rearrange the lineup and arrange for relay alternates. Do not EVER just fail to show. Thank you!
REGISTRATION: Swimmers MAY NOT participate in practice until they are registered and all waivers are approved.  Registration is on-line and payment can be made via credit card if you set up your account that way OR you may bring a check in. Swimmers may NOT participate in Swim Meets until team fees have been paid. Thank you for your cooperation. If you need help: ah-swim@ahstc.com . 


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