The Upper Main Line YMCA has a indoor, 6 lane, 25 yard pool with non-turbulent lane lines. The pool is ten feet deep at the block end. No diving is permitted at the non-block end due to the 3 foot depth. The pool is equipped with an Omega electronic timing system and six line score board display. The pool area can accommodate approximately 200 spectators.

Separate men's and women's locker rooms are adjacent to the pool area. Another set of locker rooms are available next to the pool area. A gymnasium next to the pool area is used for staging swimmers in certain championship meets that are held at UMLY.

The UMLY facility also has a second indoor pool which is used for free and instructional swimming. The pool is not used for competitive meets, but is used for warm down/up in certain championship meets.

An outdoor 6 lane, 50 meter pool with non-turbulent lane lines is available during the spring and summer. The pool is five feet deep at the block-end. The Omega electronic timing system (without the score board display) is used during competitive swim meets. A deck surrounds the pool with an additional area to accommodate swimmer staging, concessions, and spectators.

Two additional large outdoor pools are next to the 50 meter pool and are used for warm-down/up during certain championship meets.

In addition to 2 indoor and 8 outdoor pools, the Upper Main Line YMCA's extensive facilities include the CAM II Fitness Center, 20 outdoor and 4 indoor tennis courts, 3 racquetball and 2 squash courts, 2 paddle courts, Olympic weight room, gymnasium, mini-gym, outdoor track, playground, and Men's & Women's Plus Centers.