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10 Tips for entering


10 Tips for Entering a Swim Meet


1) Keep your USMS registration card with your driver's license; you may have to prove that you are a registered swimmer.

2) Double check your entry. Check specifically your date of birth, age, club affiliation, and entered times (remember yards vs. meters times). Sign the back.

3) If you deck enter a meet, be early. Deck entries are an exception that is difficult to handle and therefore your surcharge is higher. Have your check book or exact change, and your USMS card. Complete your yellow entry card before entering the line.

4) Arrive early. There will be less congestion during warm-up, you will find better parking, and you can notify the computer operator, before it becomes too late, if you do not see your name on any heat sheets. Don't assume your entry was received. If entry receipt is requested, enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard with your entry. If you receive the postcard, your entry was received.

5) Questions regarding your registration, transfer of membership, or change of address, please contact the Registrar 626-296-1841 immediately. The earlier the question or problem is addressed, the easier the answer or correction.

6) Observe check-in requirements, especially for long distance events. Many meets require some sort of check-in before the meet staffs. Be early (see #4), check in, and then warm up. Don't approach the computer operator two minutes before the event starts with the desire to check in, your request will be denied.

7) If you notice an incorrect entry or result, notify the computer operator. Be ready to provide the event number, heat, lane, age group, swimmer's name, and swimmer's meet l.D. number. Be patient, the operator will research your request as time allows.

8) Listen to the public address system. Most of the time, especially before a meet, vital information may be broadcast that could directly affect your event or heat. Usually these announcements are repeated several times.

9) Before swimming your event, verify that the timers have your heat card and are aware of your name. Many problems are the result of times entered on the wrong heat card or under the wrong name.

10) If you have any questions, please ask. Your questions will be answered. Ignorance is understandable for first-timers but is no excuse. That is why the meet director's and other phone numbers are printed on the entry forms. Use them.