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NEW SWIMMERS:  All prospective SRST swimmers must be evaluated before registration.  All new members are part of the "Secondary Registration" as outlined below.  Please note that the minimum standard for entry onto the team is to be able to swim 50 yards (down and back in a 25 yard pool) with no stopping doing both Freestyle and Backstroke.  Swimmers must show side breathing on Freestyle and in both strokes maintain horizontal body position (legs cannot sink).  Even though we are a year round sport, you can join any time during the year and all memberships are month-to-month (see membership FAQ's at bottom of page for more info).

1st Day of Practice is Monday Aug. 28th, 2017!

2017-2018 REG. PACKET


Current Practice Schedule: CLICK HERE
Returning members must fill out entire packet and mail to Coach Ben (Please ensure adequate postage to secure your priority registration); see Priority Registration below.  NEW members please follow the directions outlined below in "Secondary Registration".

Northwest Aquatic Group, LLC
PO Box 652
Monroe WA 98272

2017-2018 Fees


Once your registration is received, the swimmer will be added to the roster below (then you know you are officially on the team).  The only thing you need to do next is just order your gear and show up for practice (it's OK if your gear has not arrived in time...don't need to do any expensive rush shipping)!

Priority Registration for Returning Members: Aug. 16th-23rd.  All returning SRST swimmers are guaranteed a spot on the team if Coach Ben has your packet and payment in hand on or before the 23rd of Aug.  After that we will open up space on a first-come-first-serve basis until we are out of space.  If you want all charges put on a credit card you will indicate that in your packet and then immediately after Coach Ben sets up your account and emails your login credentials you must set up your card in your account so fees can be paid prior to auto-billing on the 1st.  

Do not ever turn in money or paperwork to Snohomish Aquatic Center or Mariner HS or any of our facilities.  All paperwork and payments go to Coach Ben.


New swimmers considering joining SRST must participate in designated tryouts.  Coaches will evaluate the swimmers on their form, swimming skills.  Certain groups may require swimmers to demonstrate their speed.  Also a pre-registration interview will help us determine who we can fit into the team.

NEXT TRYOUT: Wednesday Aug. 16th at SAC 6-8 PM.  Email Coach Ben to get on the list: coachben220@gmail.com

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StingRay News:  Once your account is active you will get the SRST newsletter email that comes out every Monday.  If you are brand new please text Coach Ben at 425-736-5600 to make sure practice is "on".  Since it takes time to set up your account you might not be in the loop as to schedule changes/closures yet.

Roster Info and FAQs:

Which Group Am I in?  All returning swimmers will re-enter the same group as they were previously in (unless your coach moved you to a new group).  If you have questions about moving up groups you can ask your direct coach.  If you are new, you must be evaluated prior to being accepted onto the team and you will be assigned a group at the time of evaluation. 

Who Coaches my Swimmer?  To see the current list of coaches and their assigned group, please see the coaches tab (very top left of website above tool bar): DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE


Snohomish Roster: 

  1. All former SRST members are guaranteed a spot on the team if registration packet and payment are received on or before Aug. 23rd.  

SAVING YOUR SPOT ON TEAM:  Families may leave for 3 months max. and during this time they must pay 50% of the monthly fees.  This is the only way (other than pay full price) to “keep your spot” on the team.

Mariner Roster: 

  1. All former SRST members are guaranteed a spot on the team if registration packet and payment are received on or before Aug. 23rd.  
  2. SAVING YOUR SPOT ON TEAM:  Families may leave for 3 months max. and during this time they must pay 50% of the monthly fees.  This is the only way (other than pay full price) to “keep your spot” on the team.



  1. Do we have to be on the team all year?
    Yes.  We are a year-round program but you pay month-to-month.  We do allow members to leave the team for 3 months to do other activities but they must pay 50% rate while they are gone.  Families not paying will not be guaranteed their spot back on the team if they wish to return.  Families leaving and not paying the 50% rate will need to pay the total of all fees owed when they return (50% monthly rate x 1/2 or 3 months....anything longer than 3 months will incur full rate for additional months).
  2. If we leave, is our spot secure for when we return?

    Families can leave for up to 3 months but must pay 50% rate.  Often high school swimmers do this during their HS season.  We do allow HS swimmers to participate up to 3 x per week + meets when they are paying 50% rate (max of three months).

  3. Do we have to commit to going to every practice?
    No.  There is no attendance policy, but the more you come the better you get.  Also, swimmers who keep up with their training will have less injury.  We will not prorate or refund for practices that you miss.
  4. Are swim meets required?
    Yes.  Swimmers should ideally go to one meet per month and our minimum requirement is to attend 3 meets per season (3 meets between Sept. and end of March and 3 meets between April and end of July).
  5. Do you accept cash?
    Yes.  The only coach you are allowed to give cash to is Coach Ben.  Coach Ben does not keep a receipt book, so please double check your account 7 days after giving payment to Ben to ensure your payment was recorded.
  6. Are Silver and Gold swimmers allowed to compete?
    Yes.  All swimmers on SRST are full USA Swim Members and allowed to compete.  In fact, we encourage it!
  7. Do coaches sign the swimmers up for the swim meets?
    No.  All families are in 100% control of their own meet entries.  If you want advice from your coach as to what events might be most appropriate, please ask your direct coach.  The learning curve for swim meets is pretty big.  We have a wealth of info related to swim meets that you should begin to familiarize yourself with ASAP.  Go to Team Info/Swim Meet Info: DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE.
  8. Is there a minimum skill requirement to join the team?
    Yes.  Swimmers must be able to swim 2 lengths in a 25 yard pool (no stopping allowed) with both Freestyle and Backstroke.  For Freestyle, the swimmer must have good side breathing technique.  For both Freestyle and Backstroke, the swimmer must have a good horizontal body position (in other words, the legs cannot be sinking).
  9. Are you supportive of high school swimming?
    Yes.  We encourage swimmers to participate on their high school swim team.  Our preferred choice is to have the swimmers come in 3 times or more per week to swim with their SRST coach during the high school swim season and also participate in SRST meets.