SRVA is a year round competitive swim team that competes in Pacific Swimming LSC.


Process to join the year-round swim team:

Step #1: Contact Head Coach Rich Thornton at via email or call 925-833-2407.  Complete our Tryout Request Form 

Step #2: Complete your Tryout on the next Wednesday night at 7 PM (5 PM in the Summer) at SROP.  

Step #3: If you qualify, the team's registrar will contact you to complete your online registration.


SRVA Year Round Swim Program:

These groups swim from September through July

Age Group Development

Our Age-Group Development group represents our swimmers of tomorrow.  In this group, we first emphasize teaching the proper stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  Starts, turns, finishes, and reading the pace clock are also taught.

Pre-Senior Group

This group prepares age group swimmers to move up to senior level swimming. 

Senior Group

This group experiences an elite level of training.  State of the art stroke techniques are taught. 

Monthly Pricing
Age Group 1
Age Group 2
Age Group 3
Junior Development
Novice 2
Novice 3 & 4
Senior & Senior Dev
Varsity $180
** All pricing is per month for 11 months.  We do not swim in August, so we do not charge in August.


SRVA Seasonal Programs:

These sections are updated seasonally as information becomes available.

Intro Program

This group is a transition group from swim lessons to the main competitive team. Swimmers in this group learn the proper competitive skills they will need on the team from members of the SRVA Coaching Staff.



Fall Rec Swim Program

For information please contact Head Coach Richard Thornton: (925) 833-2407 or



High School Get in Shape Training Program

SRVA offers a Get in Shape Training Program specifically designed for high school swimmers who want to get a jump on their high school season.