Welcome to the Sharks online handbook—your source for information about teams, meets, officials, and how we work as a community to make competitive swimming fun and exciting for our team! (See also our Frequently Asked Questions and About the Sharks pages.) (For specific league information see the MCSL Handbook and Seneca B League guidelines.)


The mission of the Stonebridge Sharks Swim Team is to encourage informal friendly team competition at the neighborhood pool level. The team provides young people with the opportunity to participate in team competition during the summer, within a fair and wholesome environment, in order to develop athletic skills. We do our best to encourage sportsmanship and teamwork and foster an appreciation of the relationship between effort and success. 


Pre-Team - Pre-Team members must be able to swim one-half the length of the pool (12.5 meters) and float on their backs for at least five seconds. The goal of this program is to prepare swimmers for participation in the regular team once they have acquired the necessary skills. Swimmers will be taught two of the four basic competitive strokes including freestyle and backstroke. They will also be introduced to diving. 

Regular Team - Members must be able to swim the length of the pool (25 meters) and will receive instruction in all four strokes including butterfly and breast. The coaches will conduct a morning and evening practice session each day. Swimmers will be grouped by age (as of June 1) as follows: 1) ten years and under, and 2) eleven years and older. Swimmers may be further grouped based on skill level. 

Practice sessions will address stroke work, endurance and speed. The coaches will strive to assist all swimmers in meeting their individual goals. Given the diversity of skill level, some swimmers may have a goal to learn to swim at least one new stroke legally, while others may strive to participate in some of the more selective competitions. Swimmers should be realistic in setting performance expectations. A successful season may best be measured by improvement in one area of a swimmer’s own performance. Remember, this is a short-term summer recreational league. The most important thing is that swimmers have fun. 


Pre-Team Intra-squad Meet - The sharks will sponsor an Intra-squad meet toward the end of the season for pre-team members to demonstrate their athletic skills and improvement during the season. All participants will receive a participant ribbon. The meet will be immediately followed by a pancake breakfast and awarding of the pre-team trophies. 

Mini-Meet - The Sharks sponsor or participate in mini-meets from year to year for younger swimmers to compete in a variety of fun events with other swimmers from area teams. Look for information in e-mail and on the pool bulletin board, and contact one of our board members if you are interested in helping organize such an event! 

Regular Team Meets - Swim Meets for regular team members will occur on Wednesday evenings and Saturdaymornings. All swimmers are encouraged to come to both meets each week, whether swimming or not! The Wednesday evening meets (B Meets) are a great opportunity for our swimmers to experience friendly, informal competition in a more relaxed setting. The Saturday morning meets (A Meets) are more competitive and participation is determined based on a swimmer’s official times and other factors adopted by the MCSL. The last meet of the summer is the Divisional Championship Meet. The top two swimmers in each individual event are selected by the coaches to represent the Stonebridge Sharks at this meet. See the MCSL Handbook for more specifics about A meet rules, and the B League Guidelines for the B meet rules. 

* Divisional Relay Carnival - The Sharks will attend this year’s Division “C” Relay Carnival. This is a special meet with all the teams in the division competing against one another in relay races. Morning practice for swimmers involved in the relay will be scheduled a few days before the meet. There will also be a B Meet Relay Carnival. See the calendar for dates. 

* Coaches Invitational Long Course Meet - The MCSL sponsors this meet which will be held in mid-July. This meet involves the top eight swimmers in each event, from the entire MCSL. This is not a Stonebridge team event. 

* County All Star Relay Meet - The MCSL sponsors this meet which will be held the week after Divisionals. This meet involves the first place finishers from each event in the Division Relay Carnival. This is not a Stonebridge team event. 

* County Individual All Star Meet - The MCSL sponsors this meet which will be held the week after Divisionals This meet involves the top 16 swimmers in each event, from the entire MCSL This is not a Stonebridge team event. 

* The Coaches or team representatives will notify the swimmers who qualify for these events.


Pre-Team - Close to the end of the season there will be a non-competitive Pre-Team intrasquad meet. During the season, however, some pre-team members may be "ready" to swim in a B Meet. The Pre-Team coaches will notify pre-team members if this is the case. 

Wednesday Meets - Any swimmer who does not participate in the Saturday meet in a particular stroke may swim that stroke in the following Wednesday Meet. These swimmers may swim up to three strokes and the Individual Medley (IM). A fourth stroke may be swum for exhibition purposes only. Any swimmer who participated in the Saturday Meet and received a ribbon in an event may not swim that event in the following Wednesday Meet (even as an exhibition swim) except under rare circumstances at the coaches’ direction. 

Swimmers must be "legal" in a stroke in order to swim it in a meet. The sign-up sheets for the Wednesday meets usually exclude strokes a swimmer has not fully mastered in order to prevent them from getting disqualified during the meet. If a swimmer or parent is unsure about their child's ability in a specific stroke, they should ask the coaches for an evaluation during or after Thursday and Friday practices. This will help the coaches give both the parent and the swimmer immediate feedback on what needs to be corrected in order to qualify for the next meet. 

Saturday Meets - All swimmers will be required to have official times to be eligible to swim in the first Saturday meet. Many factors are used by the coaching staff to determine who will swim in each event. These factors include, but are not limited to: a swimmer’s best times, performance trends, attendance and participation levels, potential team point opportunities and the legality of a swimmer’s stroke. 

See the team calendar for a list of all Saturday meets. 



Pre-Team - Tryouts are held the first Monday after school gets out. Coaches will observe swimmers to ensure that they can swim 1/2 the length of the pool. Practices begin the next day. Practices will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:30 -7:00 PM. Groups will be assigned by the coaches. 

Team Time Trials - The purpose of time trials is to establish official times for the swimmers prior to the first Saturday meet. Time trials are held on the second Saturday in June, and are open to all team swimmers. Participation in Time Trials establishes official times for the swimmers and is mandatory in order to qualify for the first "A" meet. Anyone who has a legitimate conflict and cannot attend MUST see the coach prior to to Time Trials. Warm-ups will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m., and timing begins at 9:00 a.m. The rain date for Time Trials is the next day, Sunday, at the same time. See the team calendar for specific dates and times. 

Team Practices - Evening practices begin the Tuesday after Memorial Day and are usually held Monday-Thursday (Friday evening is sometimes used as a rain/make-up day, but is ordinarily reserved for a team spirit event - be sure to come out and get ready for the Saturday meet!). There is no practice on Wednesday evening when there is a Wednesday meet. Morning practices begin the Monday after school gets out and are held Monday-Friday, unless otherwise announced. Swimmers may attend either morning or evening practices or both. 

See the team calendar for specific dates and times. 


  • There are no Wednesday practices when B meets are scheduled. 
  • There are no Friday afternoon practice before A Meets, but be sure to attend the Spirit Events! 
  • Pre-team tryouts are the first Monday after school gets out, with practice beginning the next day. 
  • Divisional Practice Schedule will be released at a later date. 

Coach Questions - If you have questions for the coaches, it is best to approach them before or after practices, or send an email. During practice, they will be focused on the swimmers in the pool and should not be disturbed. If you are not able to contact a coach before or after practice, or by email, please feel free to contact one of the board members by email or phone. We will help you with your concerns.