How long is the swim season?

The season starts on Tuesday after Memorial Day, with team tryouts! (Pre-team starts the first Monday after school gets out. The regular season goes through the third week in July, when Divisionals are held. Some swimmers may qualify to swim in all-star events which take place the following week. Visit the calendar for more information.

Why do we have to sign up for four volunteer slots?

Swim meets normally require up to 50 adults to handle all of the roles of timekeepers, officials and concessions. To ensure that we have adequate coverage for every meet, a parent from each swim team family is required to sign up to volunteer for at least 4 jobs (including Time Trials and this year's Mini-Meet) during the season--and should really try to do more if you have more than one swimmer in the family. See the Volunteers section for more information about each job.

What is Pre-Team?

The goal of the Pre-Team program is to prepare swimmers for participation in the regular team once they have acquired the necessary skills. Pre-Team members must be able to swim one-half the length of the pool (12.5 meters) and float on their backs for at least five seconds. Swimmers will be taught two of the four basic competitive strokes including freestyle and backstroke. They will also be introduced to diving.

When is practice?

Practices are in the afternoon from the day after Memorial Day until school gets out. Beginning the day after school gets out, both morning and afternoon practices will be offered. Swimmers may choose to swim in the morning, afternoon, or both. Swimmers should plan to attend practice every day. There are no practices on Wednesday afternoons when B Meets are scheduled, or Friday afternoons when Saturday A Meets are scheduled. We do hold Spirit Events on Friday evenings before meets, so please plan to attend those! Visit the calendar for more information.

What are Spirit Events?

The Stonebridge Sharks Spirit Committee works hard during the season to plan exciting, FUN events for swimmers to get to know each other and encourage camaraderie among team members. Each week we have a theme and events are planned for Friday evenings prior to meets--these can be social, creative, or just plain FUN, and we hope all swimmers will attend!

What are Time Trials?

The purpose of time trials is to establish official times for the swimmers prior to the first Saturday meet. Time trials will be held on the second Saturday in June, and is open to all team members. Participation in Time Trials establishes official times for the swimmers and is mandatory in order to qualify for the first "A" meet. Anyone who has a legitimate conflict and cannot attend MUST see the coach prior to Time Trials. Warm-ups will begin promptly at 8:30 AM, and timing beginning at 9:00 AM. (The rain date will be the following day - Sunday - at 9 AM).

How many meets are there during the summer?

The 2007 season includes 5 A Meets, 4 B Meets, 2 Relay Carnivals, a Mini-Meet, and Divisional Championships. Other events are open to the top 8-16 swimmers in the league. Visit the calendar for more information.

What's the difference between an A Meet and a B Meet?

All Stonebridge Sharks may qualify to swim in both A and B meets during the summer. B Meets are Wednesday evening meets, and swimmers may sign up for any event they choose, as long as they are "legal" in the required stroke(s). A Meets are Saturday morning meets, and are generally more competitive. Three swimmers from Stonebridge may swim in each age group event (except freestyle, in which 6 swimmers may swim), and swimmers are chosen by the coaches based primarily on their times. (For specific league information about meets see the MCSL Handbook and Seneca B League guidelines.)

What are the other meets I hear about during the summer (Mini-Meet, Relay Carnivals, All-Stars, etc.)?

There are several special event swim meets each summer, including those mentioned. Here is what they are:

  • Relay Carnival: These meets are special meets with all the teams in the division competing against one another in relay races. A morning practice for swimmers involved in the relay will be scheduled a few days before the meet. The coaches will select relay swimmers based on time and other MCSL regulations.
  • Mini-Meet: This is a community event in which our younger swimmers compete in a variety of fun, sometimes silly, events. We invite swimmers from other pools and get area businesses to sponsor the day. It's a great fund-raiser, and a lot of fun!
  • Others: Other special events include Coaches' Long Course, All-Star Relays, and All-Stars. These events are for the top 8-16 swimmers in each event county-wide. Coaches will notify swimmers who qualify for these events.

How do I find out where the meets are?

Meet directions are posted on the Sharks and/or MCSL websites. Refer to the calendar and the Sharks' Away Meet directions.

How do I know what events my child is swimming?

  • B Meets: Swimmers may sign up on Monday or Tuesday for Wednesday night meets. Swimmers may generally swim any event in which they have a legal stroke on Wednesdays, UNLESS they swam that event on Saturday and won a ribbon. Swimmers who score points at the Saturday meet may not swim THAT EVENT on Wednesday.
  • A Meets: Coaches will post the events list for Saturday meets by Friday morning. Many factors are used by the coaching staff to determine who will swim in each event. These factors include, but are not limited to: a swimmer’s best times, performance trends, attendance and participation levels, potential team point opportunities and the legality of a swimmer’s stroke.

What does it mean to be "legal" in a stroke?

Each swimming stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) has specific rules for the way a swimmer moves his or her arms and legs. If a swimmer has not mastered the technique of a particular stroke, they can be disqualified in a race. If swimmers are unsure about whether they are legal in a stroke, they should see the coach before or after practice on Thurdays and Fridays for an evaluation and feedback session. Swimmers who are not legal should not swim that stroke in a meet until the technique is mastered.

How do we know if practice or swim meet is cancelled?

According to County regulations, we are unable to swim for 30 minutes after the sound of thunder. We will not practice if there is less than 45 minutes of practice time after a storm. Please use common sense. If in doubt call the pool. Do not drop off your child without confirming there is practice. Swim meets are generally held rain or shine, and often are just delayed when there is a passing storm. Be sure to call the pool to find out before deciding not to come!

We're going to be away for part of the summer. Is that a problem?

The main purpose of the swim team is for the community to have fun together – that said, we work hard and we want as many of our swimmers to be in as many meets as possible. If you are going to miss swim meets, please let the coaches know as soon as possible so they can take that into account when creating the line-ups.