Welcome to the Statisticians Page
1.    In order to be eligible for the Championship Meet, a swimmer MUST HAVE SWUM IN AT LEAST 2 SEASON MEETS AND HAVE ONE LEGAL TIME (NOT A DQ).
2.   Do not enter your swimmers in more than 3 individual events. I have set up Meet Manager to exclude any swimmer entered in more than 3 individual events.
3.   If you have a swimmer who swam in only your FIRST MEET OF THE SEASON, and then quit the team, we will allow you to remove this swimmer from your team roster.  HOWEVER, YOU MUST DETERMINE WHO THESE SWIMMERS ARE AND GIVE ME A LIST OF THEIR NAMES. I  will then verify that they have not swum in any subsequent meets.
4.    Please do not enter a swimmer unless you are very sure that they will attend the Championship Meet. It is unfair to the swimmers who are swimming to have empty lanes around them.
5.    If you do have swimmers who have to scratch, let me know by the DSSL Seating Meeting.
6.    If you have swimmers who do not show up at the Championship Meet, you have an opportunity to scratch them prior to each session without being penalized. If you have NO SHOW swimmers, your team is assessed a monetary fine with next season's dues. ($1.00 per swimmer per event in excess of 10% of your season roster.)  If you make changes at CHAMPS the fee is $10 per change.