Swim Sessions

Winter Swim Clinic (Starts Mid January is held at West Chicago High School)

Winter swim is a stroke clinic for all levels of swimmers from novice to advanced skill levels once a week on Sundays at West Chicago High School.  The winter swim includes sessions that cover all four strokes along with the turns that accompany them. Sessions are dedicated to each stroke starting with freestyle followed by backstroke, butterfly, and finally breaststroke.  Sessions will contain a mixture of drills used to develop better stroke technique for each of the four strokes.  The last session of winter swim will include work on starts and other skills related to swimming competitions.


  1.  Swimmer must be able to swim one length of the pool of freestyle and backstroke.
  2. Previous experience in swim lessons is strongly recommended. (*This is not a swim lesson program)


Spring Swim Clinic (May is held at West Chicago High School)

Spring swim is a build up to our summer season and is an advanced version of our winter swim that provides practices three times a week.  Sessions will run from Monday through Thursday evenings at West Chicago High School.  Sessions will include developing sound stroke technique for all four strokes, while also familiarizing swimmers with competitive swimming skills.  Our summer coaching staff will make up a majority of the coaches for the spring swim session.


  1.  Swimmer must be able to swim one length of the pool freestyle and backstroke.
  2. Previous participation in swim lessons is strongly recommended.


Summer Swim Team (June-July is held at Sunset Pool: 710 Western Ave, Geneva, IL)

Summer swimming is where the River Rats got their start.  Established in 1972 by eleven swimmers, who had their first meet against each other, the River Rat program has grown to an average of 150 swimmers per season.  The River Rat program is a member of NCISC (North Central Illinois Swim Conference) that includes fourteen other teams throughout the Chicago Suburbs.  As stated in our mission statement, the River Rat program promotes the sport of swimming through teaching the mastery of all four strokes and an introduction into competitive swimming through teaching qualities of good sportsmanship.

The summer season includes practices outside starting the first day of summer break for the Geneva School District.  Practices are offered from five to six days a week with at least one swim meet per week.  The seven week program offers swimmers convenient practice times that allow them to be part of other activities during the summer (take a look at last years schedule at the bottom of the page).  The last meet of the summer season is our Conference Championship meet held at the end of July.  The meet offers our swimmers a great arena for participating in a Championship meet very similar to competitions held throughout United States Swimming.  


  •  New River Rat Swimmers must set up an appointment with Coach Chris.  
  • Previous (winter, spring, summer) River Rat swimmers do not need to try outs.
  • Previous participation in advanced swim lessons and/or River Rat programs is strongly recommended, but not required.