The team entrance (for meets and morning practices) is the back gate closest to the baby pool.  You DON’T need to bring a pool pass for meets and morning practices.  For evening practices, all swimmers must enter through the front entrance.  Residents should bring their pool passes to enter; non-residents will sign in to the team roster located at the lifeguard station.

Swim goggles are a must at practices and meets.  Dicks Sporting Goods has good goggles.  Don’t buy bargain goggles from 5 Below – trust us.

Parents, please stay away from the pool deck around the team practices.  If you have questions for Coach Maggie, please ask them AFTER practice, or ask a board member.  At least one (but probably several) board members will be present at each practice.  We know from experience that it’s tempting to offer swim tips or berate lack of effort when your kid is within hailing distance, but that undermines the coaches.  When you do offer tips (AFTER practice) please do so in a way that reinforces the coaches’ authority.

New swimmers will have to pass a swim test during the first few days of practice that they can swim safely on their own.  The test: swimming the width of the pool unaided.  We just want to make sure your kids are safe and not traumatized by the pool.  If we have to turn your swimmer away, we’ll refund your registration.

First team potluck and **important Parent Meeting** is typically the first or second Friday of evening practices.  At least one adult from each family should attend the parent meeting.

If you want to try a suit on your swimmer before purchasing one, we’ll have try-on suits available during the first weeks of practice.  Competition swim suits are expensive (yes, gold thread woven into the fabric wink), so you want to make sure to get the size right.  Suits should fit snug to prevent drag.  Swimmers should try on before practice while they are still dry.

Reminders about Team Suits:

Remember to purchase a team swim suit for your swimmer(s) in time for the first meet in mid-June. If your swimmer’s team suit from last year still fits, there’s no need to buy a new one.  Older team suits of a different design MAY NOT BE WORN AT MEETS any longer, though they may certainly be worn at practice - ask a board member if in any doubt about which suits are acceptable at meets.

The team will provide each swimmer with a team t-shirt AND a latex team swim cap. We will have available for sale replacement latex caps and longer-lasting silicone caps--see a board member if you are interested.