Volunteers are perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of the entire swim meet event, without your help we cannot have a successful event.  Every position is easily learned, requires no prior experience and it doesn't normally have to be done alone.  Each position is designated in BOLD and the numbers after each position indicates the number of volunteers needed to fill those positions at home, away meets.  VOLUNTEER ROLE REQUIRED FOR FOUR MEETS, REGARDLESS OF TRAVEL OR OTHER CONFLICTS.   Please see each Swim Meet Event to sign up for your favorite position.


Clerk of Course & Assistant (1,1): Lines up our swimmers in the order that they must swim. The announcer calls for each gender/age group for each event to report to the Clerk of Course. The Clerk of Course organizes the swimmers according to the event sheets prepared in advance by the coach showing the Heat and Lane assignment for each swimmer. This position is mobile, primarily at the starting point.

Kid Pusher (7,7): These volunteers are assigned one (1) age group and assist the Clerk of Course in lining up swimmers in order of their events.

Scorer (1,1): These volunteers keep a running total of points earned by each team while working with the other team's scorers. The scorer receives results for each Main Event. A preprinted scoring sheet and opposing team scorer will be provided to you at the scoring table.

Ribbon Writer (1,1): Records the swimmer's name and event on the back of each place ribbon. Results will be received on the main event sheets after the scorer has recorded the necessary information. Ribbons and roster will be supplied for each team at the ribbon table. Do not pass these ribbons out to the swimmers.

Time Entry (1,1): Enters swimmers time into an Excel Spreadsheet.

Heat Judge (1,0): Passes out ribbons to heat winners and commends them as they come out of the water. Ribbons are awarded to swimmers based on whether it was a Main Event or Heat (please see 'Ribbons' in a prior section). Heat Judges should stay at the end of the pool that the swimmers will exit.

1st Place and Place Judges (3,3): All judges observe the finish order of the Main Event. As the 1st Place Judge you then give your clocked time to the Recorder, clear your stop watch, and wait for the next event. This position moves about the pool deck. Each team supplies three (3) judges for each meet and is responsible for obtaining the 1st place time.

Recorder (1,0): Collects event sheets and records the order of the finish and times according to the Place Judges. This position moves about the pool deck as well.

Runner (2,2): Takes event sheets from Clerk of Course to Recorder and from Recorder to Scorer. This is a mobile position.

Stroke and Turn Judge (1,1): Observes the Main Event Swimmers looking for disqualifying motions. These judges must learn what to look for and disqualify swimmers who commit violations. The Stroke and Turn Judge stands on the side of the pool and checks all lanes.

Announcer / Starter (1,0): Communicates to the swimmers, officials and observers over the public address system. Welcomes the visiting team to our pool, announces the officials for the evening, calls each event so the meet flows smoothly and announces team scores throughout the evening. There is a script for this!   Commands the swimmers to take their mark and signals the start of each Main Event and Heat. This position remains stationary at the starting end of the pool.

Weatherstone Timers (6,6): Each Timer is assigned a lane and times only the swimmers in that lane. These are not official times and do not determine any place finishes. This data is for our own records and helps the swimmers track their progress throughout the season. It may also be used by the Coach to determine where a swimmer is strongest and assist them in determining how to use that to the team's advantage. This position comes in two shifts.

Meet Setup (3,0): These volunteers set up backstroke flags, lane ropes, chairs behind the blocks, scoring and ribbon tables. They need to arrive early, usually by 4:30pm to get the pool ready for warm-ups which begin at 5pm.

Concessions (5,0): Attend to the concession stand, where the team sells food and drinks for everyone during the meet. This position comes in two shifts.

Parking Attendant (1,0): Individual will set cones up to block swim meet attendees from parking in Spring Needle circle.  Individual will patrol the area around the pool ensuring that people use designated parking spots and also directs overflow to St. Michael's parking lot.  Must be available to start at 4:45.

PA System (1,0): Sets up and breaks down the PA System.