Sports teams and other organizations across the country have used creative fundraising ideas to offset the increasing cost of activities. The Clovis Swim Club has adopted some of the easiest fundraisers available to help you contribute. Eventually all Club members will be required to participate in fundraising but currently all fundraisers are optional and are managed by you – our savvy parents. Detailed instructions for each fundraiser, including those not listed here, can be found at Do you have a fundraising idea? Contact Kathleen Jeffs, (575/693-4114) and let us know, so long as it’s not selling chocolate door-to-door. ?

A BIG Thank you to all our Volunteers

Coaching – Any Parents interested in helping coach, please contact Coach Vincent De Maio by phone (575/693-1016) or Email.
Team Registrar- Contact Lisa Steinle (575/693-2636)
Website Management – Enjoy making websites? Contact Brenna Silveira, (575/791-9536).
To find out about other volunteering opportunities please, contact Kathleen Jeffs, (575/693-4114).