What is the office phone number?

(408) 979-3320 (but the best way to reach us is via email,

What are the summer hours of the pool?

M-Th 9am-8pm, Sat 10-noon.  

What is the pool temp?

82-85 degrees (on hot days, the pool can get up to 87!)

Where are the bathrooms/changing area?

Outside the gate behind the office.

Are there showers? 

We have outdoor showers near the office as well as gender appropriate showers in the changing rooms.



How many sessions must I enroll in?

You may sign up for 1 or more sessions at a time. There is no minimum requirement.

Do you pro-rate lessons?

In the rare occasion that we have a time slot available for lessons after the start of the session, we would be happy to pro-rate your session (if you began on the second or third day of the session.)

What happens if I miss a lesson?

There are no make-up lessons. For extreme circumstances (funerals, major illness, etc…), we will offer a credit to be used towards another session. If a swimmer has NOT started the session, they can transfer their registration to another session (space permitting.) If they HAVE begun the session, we can not transfer payment to a different session.

Can my child play on the steps while the other one has a lesson?

No, once swim time is over, they must exit the pool. Swim lesson lanes are reserved solely for instruction during the designated times.

What ages do we offer lessons for?

Ages 6 months-adult.

Do you require swim diapers?

All newly potty trained or diapered swimmers must wear a plastic pants style swim diaper (not the disposable ones!)

What if my child CAN NOT perform a specific skill or is scared to try?

Our lessons here are different from any other program. The lesson will flow with the pace of your child. Specific skills can be skipped OR emphasized based on the parents’ request.

Do you offer lessons for children with special needs?

Yes, we have teachers who work with special needs children.

Can my friend’s child or a sibling sub-in during my child’s lesson if my child is not there?

As long as we have a registration file and waiver on file for that child, you are all set!



There is a $10 fee for any changes of lesson times or dates. Changes will be accommodated dependent on lesson availability.


For lessons canceled more than 7 days prior to the lesson start date, a $10 cancellation fee will be assessed for each canceled lesson. You will receive a refund for the total lesson amount, minus this fee. (i.e. If lessons cost $30 each; upon cancellation, you will receive a $20 refund to your card).

No refund will be made for cancellations within 7 days of the start date unless we can find a replacement for your time slot. If we are able to find a replacement, you will receive a refund minus the $10 cancellation fee.


What are the requirements to be eligible for Swim Camps?

All swim campers should be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with side breathing and backstroke on their back before enrolling in camp. They should also be comfortable in deep water (7-13' deep.)  Swimmers are grouped according to their ability level, ranging from beginners through experienced swim team members.

What does swim camp cover?

Camps will cover stroke mechanics, team building, dry-land training, race strategy and an introduction to springboard diving and water polo.

To register, please use the following link:


What is family fun swim?

It is for the whole family to come have some fun outside of organized PHS programs! The entire shallow end and the lane closest to it are available for usage.

Who can come to family fun swim?

Family Fun Swim is offered to anyone who has participated or will participate (i.e. registration has already been submitted) in a current aquatic program at PHS (i.e. swim lessons, camps, swim team, etc).

When is family swim offered?

Family Fun Swim is offered Monday-Thursday 6:30-8pm and 10-12pm on Saturdays. June 11th-August 4th (Summer 2018)

How much does it cost?

$5 per family per day; cash or check only please. You can check-in with the Aquatics Coordinator in the office M-TH and with the lifeguard on Saturdays to sign a participation waiver and make a payment. 


What is masters?

Masters swimming is for anyone 18 or older who would like to get in shape, in either a group setting (organized workouts) or on their own. There is no “required” ability level to join. We only ask that you come and have fun!

But I am only a “lap swimmer”, can I still attend?

Of course, but again, only if you have fun!

How much does it cost?

$40 per month, $40 punch card (10 swims) or $5 per swim PLUS the annual Pacific Masters Swimming fee (insurance), which is about $55/year. To register with Pacific Masters Swimming, please use the following link:

Do I have to commit to a length of time to join?

Masters is on a drop-in basis. Once you arrive you should talk to Coach Paul and he will get you

Contact Person

For more information please contact Paul Watts:


For more information about our popular “Race Team” program, please see the Swim South Bay website:


To register, please use the following link: