Get Involved!

Swimming is a sport which requires much time and dedication on the part of our children. However, our success as an organization is dependent not only on our ability to be competitive in the water, but also to support our local chapter of USA Swimming with its meet and event schedule. With the improvements our kids have demonstrated in their swimming skills over the past few years comes more responsibility for us as a club. As a parent, your willingness to volunteer is critical to us, and it sends a message of support and pride to your children.

A $300 Volunteer Incentive Fee (VIF) is charged to each family upon registration. Families that volunteer for 5 "shares" during the season will have their full VIF refunded at the end of the season.  More details on opportunities to earn back the VIF can be found on the How Can I Help? webpage.


9-6-2018 Due to the change in meet format after registration was completed, there is a change in the VIF format, where you will have all season to earn back all 5 of your VIF's.  Meaning that if you don't earn any VIF in the fall , you can work 5 sessions in winter, or if you work 1 session in fall, then you work the remaining 4 in winter, etc.