Swim Team Info


Parent rep for 2020

Colleen Lehmkuhl: 314-791-3101

Coaches:  Jessica, Kian and Lauren 



Practice will begin on Tuesday May 26, 2020.

MEDICAL RELEASE FORM REQUIRED FORMS BEFORE A SWIMMER CAN ENTER THE POOL. These are not part of registration. You need to print a paper form and turn it in. Click Here to download and print the form.

NEW TEAM SUITS this year and are available for purchase at B&B Aquatics for the 2020-2021 summer season. 

B&B Aquatics in Des Peres

1163 Colonnade Center (off of Manchester Road, just east of Ballas)


Meets/Work duties

Swim Meets cannot happen without parent participation! Each family is required to fulfill all the assigned family duties.  The total number of duties will be figured out during 1st week of practice. We have to see total number of swimmers and jobs before we are 100% certain.  THIS IS REQUIRED FROM ALL FAMILIES.  

We ask that all families sign up for their work duties by June 10th. If  you have any questions/issues, please contact us asap. Any family not signed up for their work duties by this date will have them assigned. 

Additional info:

* If you cannot fulfill your assigned work duty, please make every effort to find a replacement.

* All families are required to work at the BLUE AND WHITE MEET

* Families with swimmers 10 and under MUST work at least one bullpen duty during the regular season.

* Each family who has swimmers in the conference meets are required to complete a work duty.

Rainout Policy: If an event is rained out your work assignment must be made up when the event is rescheduled. If you are not available to work at the rescheduled swim, it is your responsibility to find an individual to work for you and notify the Parent Rep of your replacement. If the event is not rescheduled, the work assignment is counted toward your total number of required work assignments.

Alcohol Policy: While alcohol is allowed on Chadwick property, drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by any meet worker during any sanctioned event. If you choose to split a work assignment with your spouse, both parents are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages during the meet. If you are not working and choose to drink, please drink responsibly.

Sportsmanship Policy: Chadwick takes great pride in our swim team, individual accomplishment and good sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any adult or child is strictly prohibited. This includes any behavior (verbal or physical) that could be considered inappropriate. Possible consequences include individual and/or team fines and suspension from future Chadwick or Gateway League events.


 Date pending


FUN SWIM PRACTICE DAYS (Dates Subject to Change)

June 12  Hawaiian Day

JULY 3 Christmas in July



June 1 - Blue and White Meet at Chadwick

June 8 - Chadwick @ Robinwood

June 15- Chadwick @ Cool Dell

June 22 - West Glen @ Chadwick (HOME MEET)

June 29 -  Chadwick @ Village of Cherry Hills

July 6-  Castle Pines @ Chadwick (HOME MEET)


July 10 - 11 and older @ Castle Pines

July 11- 10 and younger@ Robinwood



***IF YOUR CHILD BECOMES SICK ON THE DAY OF THE MEET please let one of the coaches or Colleen know as soon as possible .***


What do I need to bring?

For your swimmers : chair (camping/lawn chair style),  2 towels, an extra pair of goggles, water, snacks and something for your swimmers to do between their races (coloring books, playing cards, books, waterproof games, etc)  Your swimmer is required to sit in their bullpen through the duration of the meet. They will need something to keep them occupied!  If you have a 6 and under kickboarder, you can pick them up after their event. Please check on your children throughout the evening to make sure they have enough water, food, etc. so they aren’t asking to leave the bullpen area. When they are finished swimming for the evening and they have checked with the coach, they are ready to be picked up from the bullpen and can sit with you or another family member.

For you : chairs and cash for concessions (not necessary, but often helpful).




Swimmers need to arrive at 4:45 so they can begin warm ups at 5:00. The meet will start at 5:30.  This is subject to change depending on the pool. Please double check the swimmer signup for more specific times.


When can I leave?


We often have to move a swimmer into a relay or another event. There are no relay events at the Blue and White meet, but it is good to remember for all other meets.


Work Duties

Please pay attention to your work duty start time. Unless you have a specific time (concession, computer, etc.), please report at  5:00 pm . Timers will have a time meeting at 5:00. You will need to check in with Nikki and get a name tag. If you don't sign up for work duty, you will be assigned to a work duty so please check your assignment before the meet. IF YOU WILL BE LATE, please let us know by text or email. Thank you!



Swim caps will be for sale for $10/each. Please see Jen Sullivan to purchase one.

All orders will be due at the Blue/White Meet.  While our vendor is usually very fast, we may not have them by the first actual meet.  We like all swimmers to have a Chadwick t-shirt to wear to meets. Because of minimum requirements, this will be the only time of the season to order gear.   Spiritwear preview and order forms will be emailed at a later date.



Make it easy on yourself and plan to eat dinner at the pool. We have a WIDE variety of classics (hamburgers/hotdogs/chili) as well as salad with grilled chicken, and fruit and veggies. Our prices are VERY reasonable! We take CASH, CHECKS and a PUNCH CARD (can be purchased and used at home meets for $20), so please plan accordingly!


What events will my child be swimming?

Heat sheets will be attached to the Monday email! Heat sheets will not be available to purchase at the meet. Bullpen workers will be provided a heat sheet. Everyone else will need to print a copy so you have your swimmers event/heat/lane information prior to arriving.  It is also very helpful to write your child’s name on their shoulder and events/heat/lane on arms with a sharpie. If you are new, someone in the bullpen will help you out.





9-12 year olds       7:30 - 8:30

13 and overs         8:30 - 9:30

7 and 8                  9:30 - 10:15

6 and under          10:15 - 11:00


At the discretion of our coaching staff, your child may be moved to a

different group, based on ability.

I will communicate changes in practices due to weather using email. You can also check Chadwick's facebook page to see if anyone has commented about the weather.







The number and type of work duties that each family needs to perform depends upon the number of families that are part of Chadwick Swim Team. More families = less work.


Below is a description of the different work duties that are generally available with a brief description of what they entail. If you have a 10 and under swimmer, you will be asked to work at least one bullpen duty for each child.

All meet workers check in with the parent rep 30 minutes prior to the meet.


Parking Lot- SET UP/Security/CLEAN UP: (2 Home Meets) - Must be available beginning at 4:00pm. The parking lot workers direct traffic in the lot between 4:00 and 6:00pm and periodically check the parking lot to make sure that cars are not parked in the Fire Lanes or the NO PARKING areas. The license numbers of any illegally parked cars need to be given to the Announcer. The parking lot must be checked at least every 30 minutes. At about 8:00, the parking lot workers will collect the NO PARKING signs and cones in the parking lot and return them to the guard desk. Parking lot workers will clean up any trash left in the parking lot and report to the parent rep before leaving for the evening.

Set up the cones/signs to save spaces for:

1. Visiting parent rep(s)

2.  Visiting coach(es)

3.  Our coaches X3

4. Official

Chadwick families park in the grass lot and on the streets. After all parking completed: put cones/signs away. This is an all season job and is combined with ribbons.


Meet Set up/Event Board: 4:00-5:30- Set up chairs on both sides of the pool and rope off bullpen area. Put up signs for bullpens and put out cones to designate a parking spot for opponent's coaches and parent rep. Get out the starting system, lighting, fans, computer table, etc. You will also help set up concessions, however needed. 5:30-9:30(end)- One person or you can take turns - change the event board matching the current event/heat.

Meet Tear Down(Combined with other jobs): 8:00-10:00(end)- Put away everything that was taken out for  the concession stand, take crock pots/pans/serving utensils etc. home to clean and then bring back to the pool once clean. Tear down team will also put stack chairs and put tables back, bullpen items away. Put away the starting system, lighting, fans, etc. At the end of the meet,  pick up trash, leftover towels, clothes, etc.     Check in with Concession lead to know when to start the tear down process.

Announcer: 5:00-9:30(end)- (2-Home Meets)

Make all announcements necessary for the running of the meet. Once the meet has started, the announcer calls each heat to the blocks and announces the heat that is on deck. He/she announces pool records and the meet score periodically. Make any other announcements, i.e. parking in fire lane, inclement weather instructions, as necessary. He/she announces upcoming events, and any funny comments throughout....reminds people to visit concessions, etc. Great to have someone with a fun and outgoing personality doing this!

Safety Marshall/Clean Up: 4:30-9:30(end) (2 Home Meets)-  “The person wearing the orange vest" and must be present at 4:30 for start of warm-ups and stay afterwards to assist in clean-up of pool deck and bullpen area. Safety Marshall is responsible for monitoring the pool deck to ensure safety, checking bathrooms, and making sure swimmers are demonstrating safe behavior-no running, and no horseplay. Also, watch for unsafe conditions- no glass allowed on the pool deck. If someone is hurt or in need of medical assistance, lifeguards are on duty and are also responsible for incident reports on all reported injuries.

Concessions: 4:00-9:30(end)-2 shifts - This work duty is only available for our home meets. It may involve any of the following: The halfway point is usually just before the Free Relay.

            1st shift/Set Up- You will set up the concession area- unload and set up all food/drinks for the night, set up tables/chairs/sales sign/get the cash box ready, serve food and collect payment and work the concession stand for the first half of the meet.

            2nd shift/Tear Down- You will work the concession stand for the second part of the meet.You will close up the area, put away everything, take crock pots/pans/serving utensils etc. home to clean and then bring back to the pool once clean.  

Hospitality/50/50 Raffle/Clean Up: The hospitality worker prepares and distributes ice water to the workers on the pool deck and coaches during the meet. The hospitality worker is responsible for cleaning up their work area in the concession stand and assisting the Safety Marshall in cleanup of the pool and bullpen after the meet is over. **50/50 raffle drawing: will be done toward the end of the meet.....walk around and collect money for tickets: $1 each or 6 for $5.....winner gets half and half stays with Chadwick.

Bullpen: 5:00-9:30(end)- manage the 10 and under children, who sit with their age groups, as per signs in the bullpen area. Find kids for their races and line them up as per event. Kids must be in correct heats and lanes prior to heading to the blocks. They will be directed to chairs and lined up behind the blocks IN ORDER. ALL KIDS ARE REQUIRED TO STAY IN THE BULLPEN AREA! Towards the end of the night, strongly encourage the kids to clean up after themselves: gather up and pack up everything they came with AND dispose of all trash.

Bullpen Line up Lead: 5:30-9:30(end)- pick up swimmers from bullpen areas and deliver to staging. This is an all season job.

Staging/Blocks Lead/Lane Loader: 5:30-9:30(end) line up swimmers for each event. This is an all season job. (2-Home/ 3-Away)

A Lane Loader will be assigned to each Chadwick lane at both home and away meets. This worker will be given a heat sheet prior to the start of the meet and it is the Lane Loader’s responsibility to check each swimmer in the lane before each event to make sure the correct person is swimming.

Starter/Official Assistant: 5:30-9:30(end)- The Starter Assistant assists the Starter during the meet by keeping track of events/heats from master heat sheet, writing down place picks for A heats, filling out DQ slips, and any other tasks the starter may request.

Card Runner: 5:30-9:30(end)- After each heat of swimmers, collect the time sheets from the timers and give them to the Card Judge at the Computer table. Card runner will also pick up DQ slips from the Official Assistant.

Timers: 5:00-9:30(end)- Begin the stopwatch when the race starts per the starter system/official. Stop it when any part of the swimmers body reaches the wall. You must be on the edge of the pool and looking down at the finish. You won't see a finish if you stand back away from the edge of the pool. The official will go over timing with you prior to the start of the meet. You must verify the child swimming as compared to the name listed on your time sheet prior to that child getting on the block. Write in changes if necessary, after verifying the change is accurate. Sometimes the kids get confused behind the blocks, especially if there is an empty heat in front of them in their lane, particularly our younger kiddos. Write all the times on the timesheet after the race. You will receive a stopwatch prior to the start of the meet. You must return it at the end of the meet to Nikki. Do not leave it on a table or take it home or give it to anyone else!!

There will be a total of three timers per lane. On the home team lanes there should be two visiting team timers and one Chadwick Timer. On the visiting team lanes there should be two Chadwick Timers and one visiting team timer.

*Absolutely no alcoholic consumption if working this job per Gateway rules!!


Ribbons: During practice or at home- Place labels on the ribbons and put them in each family folder in file box. This is done at practice the morning  or at home after the meet. Our computer people will print the labels and give them to you. All kids, except 15 and overs, receive a ribbon for each heat, 1st-4th place, or 1st-6th if at a 6 lane pool. Any DQ gets a participation ribbon. All 15 and overs get a gift card at the end of the year instead of ribbons all season (Tropical Sno, or Fritz's) All Kickboarders get ribbons: need to know who and what place each kick boarder got. These are hand written. This is an all season job.


Computer: 4:00-9:30(end)- This is an all season job and requires outside training to help with our computer coordinator. Each race should have 3 times from the timers. Circle the middle time. If there are only two times, then add, and get the average time for that child, then circle that. With all DQ slips, please write the child's name on the slips. This job already has workers.

Banquet and Awards: End of Season-  Help with the preparations for the banquet and end of the year awards. Will require contact with the families, collection of end-of-season coaches' gifts. Order all trophies prior to the banquet:. Communicate with coaches on the special awards that need to be ordered, such as 110% and Most Improved for each sex and age group. Order, pick up and deliver the cake for the banquet. Arrange all awards and have everything organized for banquet night. Assist coaches in delivery of all awards, as needed, the night of the banquet. This is an all season job.

Banquet: Broken Records:  Any swimmer who has broken a record during the season actually receives a  real piece of a "broken record" with their accomplishment typed and labeled on the record. All big kids who have helped out with the little ones on a regular basis are acknowledged by our coaching staff and given a little something from them. After all of the age/broken records/helper awards: We have Senior Awards. Seniors receive a paper weight.  They are asked to speak and tell us what they like most about Chadwick, favorite memories, anyone they want to acknowledge or thank, then what their future plans are, etc.


Specialty Awards:    The coaches and Chadwick Board Members specifically involved with the swim team decide who gets the award, if it is to be given out.  Each award is not given to someone every single year. The Banquet worker simply orders the awards as deemed necessary.


DeForrest for adult man who goes above and beyond to help and promote the best of the swim team.

Fussner for the adult woman who goes above and beyond to help promote the best of the swim team.

Beasley Family Award for the family unit that devotes much time and effort to the swim team and makes it the best possible.