These are testimonials from our clients. All testimonials were taken in the form of an anonymous questionnaire. 

1. Would you recommend SwimAmerica to your friends?

     "Yes. SwimAmerica provides easy instructions that children understand. They feel accomplished when they reach their individual goals."

     "Yes. I had two children, one afraid to get his head wet and one who loves water. The coaches were great with both, I was happy with the results, and my kids LOVE coming."

     "Yes. I have recommended SwimAmerica to my family and friends because the training is great, the pool is not overcrowded, it is very organized and clean."

2. Is this your first experience with a swim lesson program? If no, how does SwimAmerica compare to your experiences with other programs?

     "No. This is our second summer with SwimAmerica and the program has been fulfilling and enjoyable for (minor name withheld). The instructors are very thorough in teaching skills."

    " No. SwimAmerica is more detailed, better instruction, nicer facility. Goals are set for the student that can be easily reached. "