PST Weather Policy


PST Weather Policy is as follows:
We will post pool opening and closures on , Please do not call the office to see if the pool is open.
If it is only raining --- all groups will train at their normal times.
If there is thunder and lightning in the area --the Plantation Aquatic Complex has a "Thorguard" lightning detection system. When the alarm goes off, we must exit the pool and get off the pool deck as soon as possible. PST will handle this occurrence as follows.
1.  We will wait up to 1/2 hour into a practice before deciding to cancel a group. For example if the pool is closed at 5:00 p.m. we will wait until 5:30 p.m. to cancel the groups.
2.  If the alarm goes off while we are in the pool and there is 1/2 hour of practice or less children will be dismissed from practice.  In this case, a PST Coach will remain at the pool until all children are picked up.
3.  If the alarm goes off while there is more than 1/2 hour of practice left we will take the team inside the building, until we can safely re-enter the pool, or practice is called off.
As always, you are free to contact your athlete’s Coach if you have any questions.