What equipment does my swimmer need?

A practice suit, swim cap, towel, water bottle, and water-resistant carry-all are the basics. Your coach will advise on any other equipment. Dry land practices require tennis shoes, t-shirt, and shorts.


Registration failed or got an error on Sunday night?

If you doing online registration on Sunday night, be aware that our Team Unify database is taken offline for maintenance at this time.

  • You may get a pop-up screen that says STATUS FAILED with a conflicting success message

  • Your registration does not end up with a Success page that says "Your registration and payment has been successfully processed"

If you get an error, please do the following:

  1. Attempt to re-register on Monday.

  2. Send your swimmer(s) to practice and let coach know there was a registration issue.

  3. EMAIL the Board at [email protected]  right away and let us know. We will ensure that your account is charged only once, and that it's set up properly.

Practice minimums:  Does the team require participation at a certain number of practices per week and are there pressures to do so?

We are a family-oriented team where family matters. With increased practice attendance, comes increased performance success.  Our goal is to develop self-motivation and responsibility in our swimmers and to make swimming rewarding.  Attendance expectations elevate as your swimmer continues to move through the levels. 

Swim meets – Kids.  Does the club require attendance at swim meets?

Attendance is encouraged, but never required.  As a developmental step, it is a great learning opportunity for your child. Meets are fun as well as an excellent measure of your swimmer’s progress.  Emphasis is on improvement, not on winning or losing.  Our coaching staff is cognizant of providing growth challenges in a safe and reassuring environment.

Swim Meets – Parents.  How much are parents required to work at home meets?

We are a parent run organization, and we rely on the commitment of our families to volunteer.  We ask our families to volunteer at our home meets for 1-3 sessions.  Typically a session is 3-4 hours.  Volunteer opportunities require no special training and enable all families to be an integral part of our team.


Thank You to Our Valued Partners